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as Inger 'Babs' Jansson in the movie En trallande jänta

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Real name is Hildur Alice Nilson
Was born at 26 January 1924 in Kalmar, Kalmar län, Sweden . Died at 11 February 2014, Sweden

Her parents sang and played in amateur theatre. Growing up, she sangwith her mother. Her father took her to Stockholm when she was 13 andgot an offer to sing at a nightclub but had to reject the offer. But onthe train back home she met a voice coach who promised to give hersinging lessons.

The lessons couldn't destroy her natural talent andshe She got more and more attention and in 1939 she sang at nightclubslike Berns or China and got a record contract. She has performed withall the big names in Swedish music, people like 'Charlie Norman' ,'Putte Wickman' and 'Arne Domnérus' . Together with'Svend Asmussen' and 'Ulrik Neumann' she formed the groupSweDanes who even went on tour to the U. S. In the 1960s she performedtogether with 'Duke Ellington' .

After having been retired for 18years she released a new album in 1998. .

There is some small facts about Alice Babs:
  • (1996) Has a handicap of 16 in golf.
  • Sang the song "Lilla Stjärna" at Eurovision Song Contest in 1958, this was the first Swedish entry ever and she ended up in 4th place.
  • Has three children: Lilleba Largerbäck (b. 26 February 1945), Lasse Sjöblom (b. 19 March 1948), living in Kanada and 'Titti Sjöblom' (b. 29 August 1949).
  • (1996) Retired in Marbella, Spain
  • Singer and actress.
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There is the list of movies, where Alice Babs was taked part:
1 En trallande jänta movie En trallande jänta 1942 as Inger 'Babs' Jansson
2 Musik ombord movie Musik ombord 1958 as Ulla Wickström/Ulla Winther
3 Tour dEurovision movie Tour dEurovision 2005 as Herself - Swedish Entry
4 Verdensberømtheder i København movie Verdensberømtheder i København 1939 as Herself
5 Bitte recht freundlich! movie Bitte recht freundlich! 1956 as Herself - Co-Host
6 Gäst hos Hagge movie Gäst hos Hagge 1975 as Herself (November 4, 1982)
7 Swing it magistern movie Swing it magistern 1940 as Inga Danell
8 Blixt och dunder movie Blixt och dunder 1938 as Flower Girl
9 Det glada kalaset movie Det glada kalaset 1946 as Anita
10 Det svänger på slottet movie Det svänger på slottet 1959 as Inga 'Trollet' Larsson
11 Drömsemester movie Drömsemester 1952 as Alice Babs
12 Hoe win ik het songfestival movie Hoe win ik het songfestival 1996 as Herself - Swedish Entry
13 I dur och skur movie I dur och skur 1953 as Greta Norman
14 Intermezzo mit Vieren movie Intermezzo mit Vieren 1959 as Herself
15 Kungen av Dalarna movie Kungen av Dalarna 1953 as Alice Babs
16 Lasse Lönndahl 60 år movie Lasse Lönndahl 60 år 1988 as Herself
17 Magistrarna på sommarlov movie Magistrarna på sommarlov 1941 as Inga Danell
18 Pfingstbummel - Pfingstrummel movie Pfingstbummel - Pfingstrummel 1959 as Herself - Singer
19 Resan till dej movie Resan till dej 1953 as Gun Karlsson
20 Sommarflickan movie Sommarflickan 1955 as Karin Pettersson
21 Swing it, fröken movie Swing it, fröken 1956 as Alice Lind
22 Symphonie in Gold movie Symphonie in Gold 1956 as Singer
23 Sången om Stockholm movie Sången om Stockholm 1947 as Britt
24 The Eurovision Song Contest movie The Eurovision Song Contest 1958 as Herself - Swedish Entry: 4th Place
25 Vårat gäng movie Vårat gäng 1942 as Alice, Bergendals dotter
26 Örnungar movie Örnungar 1944 as Marianne Hedvall
27 Allsång på Skansen movie Allsång på Skansen 1979 as Herself
28 BingoLotto movie BingoLotto 1989 as Herself
29 Hundra svenska år movie Hundra svenska år 1999 as Herself (ep. 8)
30 Hylands hörna movie Hylands hörna 1962 as Herself
31 Sextet movie Sextet 1965 as Herself
32 Show Band Parade movie Show Band Parade 1957 as Herself
33 Spiel mit Vieren: mit einer Dame und drei Buben movie Spiel mit Vieren: mit einer Dame und drei Buben 1959 as Herself - Singer
34 Så ska det låta movie Så ska det låta 1997 as Herself
There is the list of interview of Alice Babs:
  • "Dagens Nyheter" (Sweden), 4 October 1998, by: Calle Pauli, "Rösten som aldrig spricker"
There is the list of some printed articles of Hildur Alice Nilson:
  • "IFB-München" (West Germany), 1950, Iss. 637, "Liebe nach Noten"
The image of Hildur Alice Nilson was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "IFB-München" (West Germany), 1950, Iss. 637
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