Ingrid Backlin

as Siv Jonsson in the movie 100 dragspel och en flicka

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Real name is Ingrid Michaelsson
Was born at 16 May 1920 in Stockholm, Sweden . Died at 24 February 2013, Sweden

Backlin was born in Stockholm, daughter of doctor Erik Michaëlsson andmrs Thyra Backlin. She grew up in various places around Sweden due toher father's line of work. While working in an office she studiedacting at the Gösta Terserus acting school in Stockholm 1940-1942 inher spare time. As a stage actress she worked for Riksteatern,Parkteatern and the Fredriksdalsteatern.

Her first major movie role wasin En äventyrare (1942) starring with 'Sture Lagerwall' . Other notable roles include I som här inträden. . . (1945) and Flickan från tredje raden (1949) .

Between 1948 and 1960 she was married to actor 'Stig Järrel' . .

There is some small facts about Ingrid Backlin:
  • Mother of actor and politician 'Henrik S. Järrel' .
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There is the list of movies, where Ingrid Backlin was taked part:
1 100 dragspel och en flicka movie 100 dragspel och en flicka 1946 as Siv Jonsson
2 Det sista äventyret movie Det sista äventyret 1974 as Kerstin's mother
3 För min heta ungdoms skull movie För min heta ungdoms skull 1952 as Britta, Ingrid's workmate
4 Spöke på semester movie Spöke på semester 1951 as Stig Järrel's wife
5 En trallande jänta movie En trallande jänta 1942 as Trombone Player
6 En äventyrare movie En äventyrare 1942 as Gertrud Grijp
7 Eviga länkar movie Eviga länkar 1946 as Signe
8 Fallet Ingegerd Bremssen movie Fallet Ingegerd Bremssen 1942 as Friend of Ingegerd
9 Flickan från tredje raden movie Flickan från tredje raden 1949 as Maj Blomkvist, Nurse
10 Fridolfs farliga ålder movie Fridolfs farliga ålder 1959 as Office Girl
11 Gräsänklingar movie Gräsänklingar 1982 as Damen utan bil
12 I som här inträden... movie I som här inträden... 1945 as Nurse Karin
13 Kalle Karlsson från Jularbo movie Kalle Karlsson från Jularbo 1952 as Charles' Wife
14 Kvinnan tar befälet movie Kvinnan tar befälet 1942 as Ann-Mari
15 Livet på landet movie Livet på landet 1943 as Louise Haverman
16 Lågor i dunklet movie Lågor i dunklet 1942 as Telephone Operator
17 Nattbarn movie Nattbarn 1956 as Eva's Mother
18 Nattmara movie Nattmara 1965 as Elsa Johansson
19 När syrenerna blomma movie När syrenerna blomma 1952 as Aina Wickman
20 Onda ögon movie Onda ögon 1947 as Barbro
21 Poker movie Poker 1951 as Mrs. Elsa Bergström
22 Rötägg movie Rötägg 1946 as Vera
23 Siska movie Siska 1962 as Midwife
24 Sjätte budet movie Sjätte budet 1948 as Kerstin Hagwald
25 Snapphanar movie Snapphanar 1941 as Marit
26 Snurriga familjen movie Snurriga familjen 1940 as Restaurant Guest
27 Stiliga Augusta movie Stiliga Augusta 1946 as Marianne Lundahl
28 Stopp! Tänk på något annat movie Stopp! Tänk på något annat 1944 as Annemari Tirén
29 Vill så gärna tro movie Vill så gärna tro 1971 as Greta
30 Änkeman Jarl movie Änkeman Jarl 1946 as Ellen
31 Spanarna movie Spanarna 1983 as Fru Ström
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