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as Female Therapist in the movie Worlds Worst Director

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Lorrie was born in Holyoke, MA on April 2, 1974. When she was 2 yearsold, her parents moved to Santa Maria, CA where she grew up. Ever sinceshe could remember, she wanted to be an actress. At the age of 9 shehad the chance to audition for her first play, "The Legend of SleepyHollow".

She was cast as a towns-person. Even though this was her firstshow and a small role, she loved every minute of it! This gave her theacting bug and she never turned back. When Lorrie turned 16, her mom,step-father and her younger brother made a move up to northernCalifornia (Eureka) to fulfill a dream of her mom and step-father's toopen their own business, a retail shop dedicated to wild birds. Littledid Lorrie know that her dreams of being an actress would also befulfilled. Being in a strange town and not knowing anyone, she neededto find a place to fit in.

So, the obvious choice was to sign up for atheatre class and join the Drama Club. She began auditioning andgetting cast in musicals such as "Hello, Dolly" and comedies (A BadYear for Tomatoes) and then her first serious drama, "The Grapes ofWrath" as Rose of Sharon. After she graduated from Eureka High Schoolin 1992, she began performing in area community theaters. She continueddoing as much theatre as she possibly could. Building a great theatreresume.

She ventured away from musical theatre and began auditioningfor comedies (her favorite genre), dramas and thrillers. In 1996 shejoined an improv group called RATS (Redwood Area Theatre Sports). Shealso worked in a local theatre company that solely performed new workplays, called World Premier Theatre/Plays in Progress. That's whereLorrie learned the most about her craft and herself. She became evenmore of a dedicated and serious actress.

She had more passion foracting than ever before. Presently, Lorrie resides on the east coast ina western Massachusetts town called East Longmeadow. She moved toMassachusetts after her grandfather convinced her that she'd love itthere. That was in 1997 and at that time she told him she did not wantto leave California because she didn't want to move so far away fromhome. However, she did agree to go for a visit.

She'd stay for 2 weeks. After a week of visiting, she decided to stay and never went back. Shecontinued her theatre streak on the east coast, landing a part in aplay even before she found herself a day job. Lorrie added her firstfeature film to her resume in 2006(Cathedral Pines). She's also addedshort films such as "Crushing Pennies" and "The Women of Harry".

Asecond feature film was added in 2013 called "Lucid" and also two webseries, "Worlds Worst Director" and "Family Problems". She's added acouple of local commercials as well. Some of Lorrie's favorite rolesinclude, Belgravia in "Man Alive", Anelle in "Steel Magnolias", Jane in"Out of Order", Jan in "Cahoots" and Mary in "How the Other HalfLoves". .

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There is the list of movies, where Lorrie Bacon was taked part:
1 Worlds Worst Director movie Worlds Worst Director 2012 as Female Therapist
2 Aleister movie Aleister 2015 as Annabelle Caruso
3 Blood Reservoir movie Blood Reservoir 2014 as Hope Farrell
4 Cathedral Pines movie Cathedral Pines 2006 as Cassidy
5 Lonesome Thoughts movie Lonesome Thoughts 2015 as Baseball Mother
6 Please Punish Me movie Please Punish Me 2015 as Do-Rey-Mi
7 The Little Hollandaise movie The Little Hollandaise 2014 as Kitty
8 The Love Triangle movie The Love Triangle 2015 as Bethany
9 The Women of Harry movie The Women of Harry 2012 as Woman #6
10 Too Much Fun at the Longshorts movie Too Much Fun at the Longshorts 2014 as Mrs. Longshort
11 Family Problems movie Family Problems 2013 as A.D.A Caroline Kinger
12 In the Bedroom movie In the Bedroom 2014 as Elaine
13 Red Circles movie Red Circles 2011 as Medical Examiner
14 Rhyme Therapy movie Rhyme Therapy 2015 as Downey
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  • "Imagine Magazine" (USA), February 2016, Vol. 17, Iss. 190
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