Mae Bacon

as Landlady in the movie The Public Life of Henry the Ninth

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Real name is Mary Adelaide Hatley Bacon
Was born at 3 April 1897 in Ilkley, Yorkshire, England, UK . Died at 3 June 1981, Fulham, London, England, UK
There is some small facts about Mae Bacon:
  • Father: James H. Bacon.
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There is the list of movies, where Mae Bacon was taked part:
1 The Public Life of Henry the Ninth movie The Public Life of Henry the Ninth 1935 as Landlady
2 Alibi Children movie Alibi Children 1955 as Hilda
3 Chick movie Chick 1936 as Gert
4 Cuckoo College movie Cuckoo College 1949 as Matron
5 Double or Quits movie Double or Quits 1938 as Mrs. Binks
6 For Men Only movie For Men Only 1968 as Mother
7 Jack the Ripper movie Jack the Ripper 1958 as Fat woman
8 Keep Your Seats, Please! movie Keep Your Seats, Please! 1936 as Minor role
9 Monsieur Ripois movie Monsieur Ripois 1954 as Mrs. Rose
10 Pool of London movie Pool of London 1951 as Ethel the Barmaid
11 Riding High movie Riding High 1939 as Mrs. Winterbottom
12 Second Best Bed movie Second Best Bed 1938 as Mrs. Whittaker
13 The Delavine Affair movie The Delavine Affair 1955 as Fanny
14 The Good Companions movie The Good Companions 1933 as Gatford Barmaid
15 The Million Pound Note movie The Million Pound Note 1954 as Alfred's Wife
16 Up for the Cup movie Up for the Cup 1950 as Maggie Entwhistle
17 When We Are Married movie When We Are Married 1938 as Lottie Grady
18 Angels movie Angels 1975 as Mary
19 Dear Dotty movie Dear Dotty 1954 as Chloe
20 Dixon of Dock Green movie Dixon of Dock Green 1955 as Jill Harvey
21 Educated Evans movie Educated Evans 1957 as Mrs. Wilkes
22 Hadleigh movie Hadleigh 1969 as Mrs. Thring
23 His and Hers movie His and Hers 1970 as Elderly lady
24 Its a Living movie Its a Living 1962 as Martha
25 Jubilee movie Jubilee 1977 as Mrs. Whitby
26 Kaleidoscope movie Kaleidoscope 1946 as Actress in Our Neighbours segment
27 Knock on Any Door movie Knock on Any Door 1965 as Mrs. Hall
28 No Hiding Place movie No Hiding Place 1959 as Ma Regan
29 The Dancing Bear movie The Dancing Bear 1954 as Phoebe Mintzinger
30 The Veil movie The Veil 1958 as Fat Woman
There is the list of some articles of Mae Bacon:
  • "The Stage" (UK), 18 June 1981, pg. 13:6, "Mai Bacon"
  • "The London Times" (UK), 9 June 1981, pg. 14:7, "Mai Bacon"
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