Helen Badgley

as Helen - the Child in the movie A Clothes-Line Quarrel

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Also known as The Thanhouser Kidlet
Was born at 1 December 1908 in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA . Died at 25 October 1977, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Helen Badgley was born in Saratoga Springs, New York, in 1910. She madeher film debut a year later in Brother Bob's Baby (1911) as "thebaby". She became popularly known as "The Thanhouser Kidlet" andappeared in many films as a child. She "retired" from the film business when she turned six years old--shelost her front teeth and had to wait until her new teeth grew in.

Shestayed with Thanhouser almost until the company's demise, appearing insuch releases as The Candy Girl (1917) , Fires of Youth (1918) and The Heart of Ezra Greer (1917) . After she left the film business, she married the owner of a radio andrecording studio and moved to Arizona. She died in Phoenix on October25, 1977. .

There is some small facts about Helen Badgley:
  • Sister of 'Gerald Badgley' .
  • Daughter of 'Mrs. Gerald Badgley' .
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There is the list of movies, where Helen Badgley was taked part:
1 A Clothes-Line Quarrel movie A Clothes-Line Quarrel 1913 as Helen - the Child
2 Her Love Letters movie Her Love Letters 1914 as The Williamson Child
3 His Majesty, the King movie His Majesty, the King 1915 as Princess Helen - Alfonso's Sister
4 Mercy on a Crutch movie Mercy on a Crutch 1915 as The Sheriff's Daughter
5 My Babys Voice movie My Babys Voice 1912 as Ruth Mackey - the Baby
6 The Baby and the Boss movie The Baby and the Boss 1915 as Helen, the Baby
7 The Countys Prize Baby movie The Countys Prize Baby 1912 as The Prize Baby
8 The Cycle of Hatred movie The Cycle of Hatred 1915 as Little Helen Tracy
9 The Game movie The Game 1915 as Jeanne - the Widow's Daughter
10 The Girl of the Cabaret movie The Girl of the Cabaret 1913 as Their Daughter
11 The Infant Heart Snatcher movie The Infant Heart Snatcher 1914 as May's Daughter
12 The Mystery of Eagles Cliff movie The Mystery of Eagles Cliff 1915 as Helen Crandon - their child
13 The Price of Her Silence movie The Price of Her Silence 1915 as The daughter
14 The Success of Selfishness movie The Success of Selfishness 1914 as Nita - Tom & Grace's Daughter
15 The Woman Pays movie The Woman Pays 1914 as The Watson 4-year old son
16 Which Shall It Be? movie Which Shall It Be? 1915 as Dick - the Bad Boy
17 A Dogs Love movie A Dogs Love 1914 as Baby Helen
18 A Gentleman for a Day movie A Gentleman for a Day 1914 as Helen
19 A Messenger of Gladness movie A Messenger of Gladness 1914 as Little Helen Smith
20 A Modern Monte Cristo movie A Modern Monte Cristo 1917 as Virginia Deane, age 6
21 A Pullman Nightmare movie A Pullman Nightmare 1913 as The Daughter
22 Baby Hands movie Baby Hands 1912 as The Child
23 Babys Joy Ride movie Babys Joy Ride 1913 as Dorothy Winters, the Child
24 Big Brother Bill movie Big Brother Bill 1915 as Helen
25 Big Sister movie Big Sister 1912 as The Baby
26 Brother Bobs Baby movie Brother Bobs Baby 1911 as The Baby
27 Bud Blossom movie Bud Blossom 1915 as Bud Blossom
28 Coals of Fire movie Coals of Fire 1914 as Helen - Blodgett's Motherless Child
29 Deborah movie Deborah 1914 as Anna's Child
30 Dotties New Doll movie Dotties New Doll 1912 as Dottie's New Doll
31 For Her Child movie For Her Child 1914 as Elizabeth Harper - their Daughter
32 Frou Frou movie Frou Frou 1914 as Georges, Frou Frou's son
33 Guilty or Not Guilty movie Guilty or Not Guilty 1914 as Helen - May's Sister
34 Helen Intervenes movie Helen Intervenes 1915 as Helen Carlton
35 Helens Babies movie Helens Babies 1915 as Budge
36 His Fathers Wife movie His Fathers Wife 1913 as The Little Girl
37 His Sisters Kiddies movie His Sisters Kiddies 1915 as Ethel Golden - Bender's Niece
38 His Vocation movie His Vocation 1915 as Eulalie, Beata's little sister
39 In a Garden movie In a Garden 1912 as Child visitor to garden
40 In Babys Garden movie In Babys Garden 1915 as Baby Helen
There is the list of some articles of Helen Badgley:
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