Doona Bae

as Jeong Hyun-jae in the movie Bomnalui gomeul johahaseyo

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Was born at 11 October 1979 (now is 39 years old) in Seoul, South Korea

Doona Bae was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her mother, Hwa-Young Kim, isa stage actress. Bae started out as a model. She soon moved to T.

V. andmovies, and it proved the right move. Her first movie was Ring (1999) . Flandersui gae (2000) (aka "Barking DogsNever Bite") and Go-yang-i-leul boo-tak-hae (2001) (A. K.

A. "TakeCare of My Cat") not only made Doona a household name in Korea but alsowon her critical acclaim as a serious young actress. Doona Bae is nowbusy making movies and T. V. shows.


There is some small facts about Doona Bae:
  • Graduate of Hanyang University
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There is the list of movies, where Doona Bae was taked part:
1 Bomnalui gomeul johahaseyo movie Bomnalui gomeul johahaseyo 2003 as Jeong Hyun-jae
2 In-lyu-myeol-mang-bo-go-seo movie In-lyu-myeol-mang-bo-go-seo 2012 as Min-seo (Older)
3 The 33rd Annual Japan Academy Awards movie The 33rd Annual Japan Academy Awards 2010 as Herself
4 Boksuneun naui geot movie Boksuneun naui geot 2002 as Yeong-mi Cha
5 Cheongchun movie Cheongchun 2000 as Nam-ok
6 Cloud Atlas movie Cloud Atlas 2012 as Tilda/Megan's Mom/Mexican Woman/Sonmi-451/Sonmi-351/Sonmi Prostitute
7 Dohee-ya movie Dohee-ya 2014 as Young-Nam
8 Flandersui gae movie Flandersui gae 2000 as Hyeon-nam
9 Go-yang-i-leul boo-tak-hae movie Go-yang-i-leul boo-tak-hae 2001 as Tae-hie
10 Gudseura Geum-suna movie Gudseura Geum-suna 2002 as Jeong Geum-sun
11 Gwoemul movie Gwoemul 2006 as Park Nam-Joo
12 Jupiter Ascending movie Jupiter Ascending 2015 as Razo
13 Ko-ri-a movie Ko-ri-a 2012 as Li Bun Hui
14 Kûki ningyô movie Kûki ningyô 2009 as Nozomi
15 Linda Linda Linda movie Linda Linda Linda 2005 as Son - vocalist
16 Ring movie Ring 1999 as Eun-suh
17 Tea Date movie Tea Date 2005 as Sunhee
18 Tomak: Daeji sarang iyagi rul jewihago movie Tomak: Daeji sarang iyagi rul jewihago 2001 as Izumi/Dejawa
19 Tyubeu movie Tyubeu 2003 as Kay
20 Beating Heart movie Beating Heart 2005 as Bae Doo-na
21 Gloria movie Gloria 2010 as Na Jin Jin
22 God of Study movie God of Study 2010 as Han Soo Jung
23 Look Back in Anger movie Look Back in Anger 2000 as Lee Mi Na
24 Sense8 movie Sense8 2015 as Sun Bak
25 Someday movie Someday 2006 as Hana Yamaguchi
26 Vivir de cine movie Vivir de cine 2012 as Herself
27 Waratte iitomo! movie Waratte iitomo! 1982 as Herself
28 Wi-poong-dang-dang Geu-nyeo movie Wi-poong-dang-dang Geu-nyeo 2003 as Lee Eun-hee
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