Jin-hee Baek

as Tanashiri (Empress Tanashiri) in the movie Ki Hwanghoo

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Was born at 8 February 1990 (now is 29 years old) in South Korea
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There is the list of movies, where Jin-hee Baek was taked part:
1 Ki Hwanghoo movie Ki Hwanghoo 2013 as Tanashiri (Empress Tanashiri)
2 Loving You a Thousand Times movie Loving You a Thousand Times 2009 as Go Eun-Jung
3 Acoustic movie Acoustic 2010 as Jin-Hee
4 Ban-doo-bi movie Ban-doo-bi 2009 as Min-seo
5 Eighteen Nineteen movie Eighteen Nineteen 2012 as Seoya
6 Kichin movie Kichin 2009 as Female Umbrella Shopper
7 Mu-seo-un Iyagi 2 movie Mu-seo-un Iyagi 2 2013 as Kang Ji-eun
8 Peseutibal movie Peseutibal 2010 as Ja-hye
9 Sa-lam-eul chat-seub-ni-da movie Sa-lam-eul chat-seub-ni-da 2009 as Da-ye
10 Tteu-geoun ann-yeong movie Tteu-geoun ann-yeong 2013 as An-Na
11 I Summon You, Gold! movie I Summon You, Gold! 2013 as Jung Mong Hyun
12 Jeon Woo Chi movie Jeon Woo Chi 2012 as Lee Hye Ryung
13 Nae Ddal, Geum Sa-wol movie Nae Ddal, Geum Sa-wol 2015 as Geum Sa-wol
14 Omangwa Pyungyeon movie Omangwa Pyungyeon 2014 as Han Yeol-Moo
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