Veerle Baetens

as Mathilde Carmain in the movie Un début prometteur

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Was born at 24 January 1978 (now is 40 years old) in Brasschaat, Flanders, Belgium

Veerle Baetens studied Musical Theatre at the "Higher Institute ofDramatic Arts" in Brussels. After this she had roles in theatre andthen started her TV career for VTM. In 2005 she won the "John Kraaijkamp Musical Award" for her role in thetheatre version of Pippi Longstocking. And in 2008 she won awards forher performance of "Sara" (the Flemish version of the TV show UglyBetty).

After this TV show ended she starred in the movie Loft. Thenanother big role came as Hannah Maes in the TV show "Code 37" where sheplayed the tough police chief. This show lasted for 3 seasons. In 2012 she started her own band together with friend Sandrine called"Dallas" and the album "Take it All" came out in 2012. Another albumthat Veerle was part of was the movie soundtrack of "The Broken CircleBreakdown" where she played the role of Elise, a woman who loses herdaughter.

She and her boyfriend Geert have a daughter (2008) and live in Belgium. .

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There is the list of movies, where Veerle Baetens was taked part:
1 Un début prometteur movie Un début prometteur 2015 as Mathilde Carmain
2 Vrienden Van de Veire movie Vrienden Van de Veire 2011 as Herself - Guest
3 Alias movie Alias 2002 as Girl at car rental
4 Code 37 movie Code 37 2011 as Hannah Maes
5 DArdennen movie DArdennen 2015 as Sylvie
6 De kus movie De kus 2004 as Rita
7 De zusjes Kriegel movie De zusjes Kriegel 2004 as Anne
8 Dennis van Rita movie Dennis van Rita 2006 as Barbara
9 Des nouvelles de la planète Mars movie Des nouvelles de la planète Mars 2016 as Chloé
10 Halfweg movie Halfweg 2014 as Natalie
11 Hasta la Vista movie Hasta la Vista 2011 as Nurse
12 Help Haïti movie Help Haïti 2010 as Herself
13 Het vonnis movie Het vonnis 2013 as Meester Teugels
14 Lincertitude des choses movie Lincertitude des choses 2013 as Herself
15 La noche de los Oscar movie La noche de los Oscar 2014 as Herself
16 Lang Zullen Ze Leven movie Lang Zullen Ze Leven 2008 as Irna
17 Meisjes movie Meisjes 2009 as Nurse
18 Misstoestanden movie Misstoestanden 2000 as Fanny Kiekeboe/Lien
19 Romance movie Romance 2004 as Chantal
20 The Broken Circle Breakdown movie The Broken Circle Breakdown 2012 as Elise/Alabama
21 Verlengd weekend movie Verlengd weekend 2005 as Lisa
22 Windkracht 10: Koksijde Rescue movie Windkracht 10: Koksijde Rescue 2006 as Alex Breynaert
23 Zot van A. movie Zot van A. 2010 as Anna Reynders
24 Code 37 movie Code 37 2009 as Hannah Maes
25 Cordon movie Cordon 2014 as Katja
26 Costa! movie Costa! 2001 as Veerle
27 Flikken movie Flikken 1999 as Annick Lafaille
28 Kino Kino movie Kino Kino 1978 as Herself
29 Rupel movie Rupel 2004 as Kathy Bergmans
30 Sara movie Sara 2007 as Sara De Roose
31 The Team movie The Team 2015 as Alicia Verbeeck
32 The White Queen movie The White Queen 2013 as Margaret of Anjou
33 Wittekerke movie Wittekerke 1993 as Els 'Rachel Cohen' Jacobs (2003-2004)
There is the list of interview of Veerle Baetens:
  • "Het Nieuwsblad" (Belgium), 8 June 2005, pg. 33, by: BWT, "Vlaamse Pippi Langkous in de prijzen"
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