Paloma Baeza

as Rose Markham in the movie The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

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Was born at 1 May 1975 (now is 43 years old) in London, England, UK

Paloma - whose Christian name is the Spanish for 'Dove' - was born onMay 1st 1975 in London. Her parents, an English mother and Mexicanfather were hippie musicians and, when Paloma was a baby they moved tolive in Mexico City, where she stayed until she was nine and theparents separated. She returned to England with her mother, beganacting in school plays and read English and Performing Arts at BristolUniversity. Since then she has appeared on the London stage and inseveral popular television dramas.

She has also directed two shortfilms. .

There is some small facts about Paloma Baeza:
  • Is half Mexican.
  • Lived in Mexico as a child.
  • Her real-life partner is 'Alex Garland (I)' the writer who wrote the novel on which The Beach (2000/I) is based, and the screenplay for 28 Days Later... (2002) . They have two children together: a son named Milo and a daughter named Eva.
  • She collaborated on a short film with actor 'Cillian Murphy' who has starred as her love interest in "The Way We Live Now" (2001) and the independent film Sunburn (1999) , and as her brother in Sunshine (2007) .
  • Born in London of Anglo-Mexican parentage, she spent her childhood growing up in Mexico.
Also look some video clip about Paloma Baeza:
There is the list of movies, where Paloma Baeza was taked part:
1 The Tenant of Wildfell Hall movie The Tenant of Wildfell Hall 1996 as Rose Markham
2 A Kid in King Arthurs Court movie A Kid in King Arthurs Court 1995 as Princess Katey
3 A Knight in Camelot movie A Knight in Camelot 1998 as Sandy
4 All Forgotten movie All Forgotten 2001 as Mashenka
5 Essential Poems for Christmas movie Essential Poems for Christmas 2004 as Herself - Reader
6 Far from the Madding Crowd movie Far from the Madding Crowd 1998 as Bathsheba Everdene
7 Joseph movie Joseph 1995 as Dinah
8 Like Clockwork movie Like Clockwork 1999 as Helen
9 Sunburn movie Sunburn 1999 as Aideen Higgins
10 Sunshine movie Sunshine 2007 as Capa's Sister
11 That Sinking Feeling movie That Sinking Feeling 2000 as Girl
12 The Escapist movie The Escapist 2002 as Valerie Hopkins
13 The Longest Memory movie The Longest Memory 1997 as Lydia
14 The Project movie The Project 2002 as Irene Lloyd
15 A Touch of Frost movie A Touch of Frost 1992 as Rachel Darrow
16 Anna Karenina movie Anna Karenina 2000 as Kitty
17 Bramwell movie Bramwell 1995 as Emmaline O'Neill
18 Mud movie Mud 1994 as Phillipa
19 No Bananas movie No Bananas 1996 as Rose Grant
20 Rebel Heart movie Rebel Heart 2001 as Ita Feeney
21 Screen Two movie Screen Two 1985 as Paula
22 Spooks movie Spooks 2002 as Elizaveta Starkova
23 The Odyssey movie The Odyssey 1997 as Melanthe
24 The Passion movie The Passion 2008 as Mary Magdalene
25 The Way We Live Now movie The Way We Live Now 2001 as Hetta Carbury
26 Waking the Dead movie Waking the Dead 2000 as Anna Maitland
There is the list of interview of Paloma Baeza:
  • "The Times Magazine" (UK), 6 January 2001, Vol. 7, Iss. 1, pg. 14-15+17, by: Daphne Lockyer, "Division belle"
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