Liz Baffoe

as Hadiya Wedekind in the movie Ein Fall für die Anrheiner

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Was born at 6 July 1969 (now is 49 years old) in Bonn, Germany
There is some small facts about Liz Baffoe:
  • Her brother Anthony is a professional football (soccer) player.
  • She speaks three languages fluently (German, English and Fante). As she plays a Nigerian woman on "Lindenstraße" (1985) , some people believe she only speaks broken German.
  • Her father was a diplomat and died in 1981.
  • Her family originates from Ghana.
  • Sister of 'Rosalind Baffoe' and 'Anthony Baffoe' .
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There is the list of movies, where Liz Baffoe was taked part:
1 Ein Fall für die Anrheiner movie Ein Fall für die Anrheiner 2011 as Hadiya Wedekind
2 20 Jahre Lindenstraße - Die Geburtstagsshow movie 20 Jahre Lindenstraße - Die Geburtstagsshow 2005 as Herself
3 Die Geisterfahrer movie Die Geisterfahrer 2012 as Schwester Boateng
4 Problemzone Mann movie Problemzone Mann 2002 as Yvonne
5 Boulevard Bio movie Boulevard Bio 1991 as Audience
6 Das perfekte Promi-Dinner movie Das perfekte Promi-Dinner 2005 as Herself
7 Das Promi-Kochduell movie Das Promi-Kochduell 2009 as Herself
8 Das Schlagzeilenquiz movie Das Schlagzeilenquiz 2009 as Herself
9 Deutschland Champions movie Deutschland Champions 2003 as Herself
10 Die Harald Schmidt Show movie Die Harald Schmidt Show 1995 as Herself
11 Frühstücksfernsehen movie Frühstücksfernsehen 1992 as Herself - Actress
12 Gefragt - Gejagt movie Gefragt - Gejagt 2012 as Herself
13 Im Namen des Gesetzes movie Im Namen des Gesetzes 1994 as Zoe Maku
14 In aller Freundschaft movie In aller Freundschaft 1998 as Selma Lamar
15 Lindenstraße movie Lindenstraße 1985 as Mary Kling
16 Nachtschicht movie Nachtschicht 2003 as Gloria Adewunmi
17 Promi Big Brother Late Night Live movie Promi Big Brother Late Night Live 2014 as Herself - Actress
18 Promi Big Brother movie Promi Big Brother 2013 as Herself - Contestant
19 Riverboat - Die MDR-Talkshow aus Leipzig movie Riverboat - Die MDR-Talkshow aus Leipzig 1992 as Herself
20 Schloss Einstein movie Schloss Einstein 1998 as Changa Miesbach
21 Star-Kids movie Star-Kids 2004 as Herself
22 Tatort movie Tatort 1970 as Reporterin Mischke
23 Unsere Besten movie Unsere Besten 2003 as Herself
24 Verbotene Liebe movie Verbotene Liebe 1995 as Valerie Jäger
25 Zimmer frei! movie Zimmer frei! 1996 as Herself
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