Melody Baha

as Sofia Walker in the movie The Golden Age: Heroes of Men

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Was born at 28 February 1993 (now is 26 years old) in Los Angeles, California, USA

Melody Baha is an American born Persian actress and singer. She hasthree sisters and one brother. She is the youngest of 5. Her parentsalways knew she had a special light that needed to shine.

Born in LosAngeles, CA, but she later moved to San Diego, CA with her family atage 4. Her career began with musical theatre as a child in school playsand local shows in San Diego, CA. She started with local auditions aslittle as 4 years old starting with her first open casting call for acommercial with her oldest sister, Sonny Baha. As she got older, Melodymade constant drives up to Los Angeles to keep up with casting callsand auditions, with help from her mother. She attended high school atCanyon Crest Academy in San Diego but quickly decided to move back toLos Angeles to further pursue her acting dreams after graduation.

Sheresided to Westwood, Los Angeles at 18 years old with her brother, EmanBaha. With the constant support of her family Melody has always wantedto strive for greatness. She still continues and wants to make adifference in the world of film and television. .

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There is the list of movies, where Melody Baha was taked part:
1 The Golden Age: Heroes of Men movie The Golden Age: Heroes of Men 2014 as Sofia Walker
2 Captured Melody movie Captured Melody 2013 as Wedding Guest
3 G.B.F. movie G.B.F. 2013 as Student
4 Hola America movie Hola America 2014 as Food Truck Cashier
5 On the Red Carpet for the March of Movies movie On the Red Carpet for the March of Movies 2016 as Herself
6 Private Investigations movie Private Investigations 2014 as Layla Ahmadi
7 The Hat: Viral Spots movie The Hat: Viral Spots 2014 as San Dieagan #26
8 The Last Ship movie The Last Ship 2014 as Egyptian Villager
9 We the People With Gloria Allred movie We the People With Gloria Allred 2011 as Jenny Lawson
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