Roma Bahn

as Madame Mesmermortes in the movie Einladung ins Schloss

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Was born at 30 October 1896 in Berlin, Germany . Died at 11 January 1975, Bonn, Germany
There is some small facts about Roma Bahn:
  • German stage and screen actress, trained at Max Reinhardt's Schauspielschule des Deutschen Theaters. First achieved prominence as Polly Peachum in Brecht's "Threepenny Opera" during its August 1928 premiere on the Berlin stage. She had long residencies at the Hebbel Theater (1945-51) and the Schillertheater (1951-62) and also acted in films from silent days, albeit in supporting or character roles. As a voice-over performer, she dubbed for English-speaking actresses Mary Astor, Kay Medford, Betty Davis, Mildred Dunnock and Gladys Cooper.
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There is the list of movies, where Roma Bahn was taked part:
1 Einladung ins Schloss movie Einladung ins Schloss 1970 as Madame Mesmermortes
2 Kleine Mädchen - große Sorgen movie Kleine Mädchen - große Sorgen 1941 as Frau Müller, Hannes Wirtin
3 Meine Freundin Josefine movie Meine Freundin Josefine 1942 as Fräulein Köhring
4 Streit um den Knaben Jo movie Streit um den Knaben Jo 1937 as Modesalonbesitzerin Madame Angèle
5 Unheimliche Geschichten movie Unheimliche Geschichten 1932 as Frau des Mörders
6 ...wie einst Lili Marleen movie ...wie einst Lili Marleen 1956 as Fräulein Korn
7 0 Uhr 15, Zimmer 9 movie 0 Uhr 15, Zimmer 9 1950 as Frau von Rottach
8 Alles Schwindel movie Alles Schwindel 1940 as Adele Heske
9 Altes Herz wird wieder jung movie Altes Herz wird wieder jung 1943 as Richards Frau Irene Lorenz
10 Amico movie Amico 1949 as Frau Mahlzahn
11 Anna und Elisabeth movie Anna und Elisabeth 1933 as Mary Lane
12 Auferstehung movie Auferstehung 1958 as Großfürstin
13 Beate movie Beate 1948 as Frau Schröder
14 Besatzung Dora movie Besatzung Dora 1943 as Laborantin Fräulein Bornschlegel
15 Das Hochzeitshotel movie Das Hochzeitshotel 1944 as Frau Berendt
16 Das Mädchen Irene movie Das Mädchen Irene 1936 as Die Baronin
17 Das Phantom des großen Zeltes movie Das Phantom des großen Zeltes 1954 as Eine Zirkusbesucherin
18 Der dunkle Tag movie Der dunkle Tag 1943 as Henriette Waizenegger
19 Der Fall Deruga movie Der Fall Deruga 1938 as Valeska Durich
20 Der Mann aus Melbourne movie Der Mann aus Melbourne 1966 as Lady Headleigh
21 Der Mädchenhirt movie Der Mädchenhirt 1919 as Lusie Heil
22 Der Polizeifunk meldet movie Der Polizeifunk meldet 1939 as Frau Duval, Modehausbesitzerin
23 Die Andere movie Die Andere 1949 as Wahrsagerin
24 Die beiden Schwestern movie Die beiden Schwestern 1943 as Madame Picard
25 Die Rothschilds movie Die Rothschilds 1940 as Junge Dame
26 Drei Väter um Anna movie Drei Väter um Anna 1939 as Donka
27 Frau Luna movie Frau Luna 1941 as Baronin von Blumenfeld
28 Fritze Bollmann wollte angeln movie Fritze Bollmann wollte angeln 1943 as Rosalie
29 Fräulein movie Fräulein 1939 as Tante Laura
30 Ganze Tage in den Bäumen movie Ganze Tage in den Bäumen 1968 as Mutter
31 Gestehen Sie, Dr. Corda movie Gestehen Sie, Dr. Corda 1958 as Ehemalige Krankenschwester
32 Heimatland movie Heimatland 1939 as Mathilde Werth
33 Il sogno di Butterfly movie Il sogno di Butterfly 1939 as Gast beim Ball
34 Kautschuk movie Kautschuk 1938 as Lady Betty Mortimer
35 La Habanera movie La Habanera 1937 as Ebba
36 Leichtes Blut movie Leichtes Blut 1943 as Christine
37 Maske in Blau movie Maske in Blau 1943 as Ilona Köröscy
38 Meine Herren Söhne movie Meine Herren Söhne 1945 as Zahnärztin
39 Moral movie Moral 1936 as Prinzessin Ottilie
40 Mädchen in Uniform movie Mädchen in Uniform 1958 as Die Schneiderin
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