Jing (I) Bai

as Liu's wife in the movie San guo zhi jian long xie jia

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Was born at 4 June 1983 in Diaobingshan, Liaoning, China . Died at 28 February 2012, Beijing, China (murdered by stabbing)
There is some small facts about Jing (I) Bai:
  • Murdered by her husband during a domestic argument, after which he took his own life.
  • Member of China's Xibe minority people.
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There is the list of movies, where Jing (I) Bai was taked part:
1 San guo zhi jian long xie jia movie San guo zhi jian long xie jia 2008 as Liu's wife
2 Gong fu yong chun movie Gong fu yong chun 2010 as Yim Wing Chun
3 Mou ga ji bo movie Mou ga ji bo 2011 as Hot Girl 1
4 Tie ren movie Tie ren 2009 as Guo Xiaomi
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