Roshelle Baier

as Liddy Prong in the movie Something Came Over Them

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There is the list of movies, where Roshelle Baier was taked part:
1 Something Came Over Them movie Something Came Over Them 2005 as Liddy Prong
2 The Hymens Parable movie The Hymens Parable 2000 as Cassandra (age 12)
3 When the Dogs Cried Out movie When the Dogs Cried Out 2009 as Dawn Halliday
4 86 Manners movie 86 Manners 2005 as Jaimie Turner
5 Cheyenne Is Burning movie Cheyenne Is Burning 2011 as Chrissy B.
6 Child Reduction Act movie Child Reduction Act 2008 as Ashley Pearce
7 Days of Darkness movie Days of Darkness 2007 as Mimi
8 Dibs! movie Dibs! 2014 as Jackie
9 Free Love movie Free Love 2012 as Julie
10 L & R movie L & R 2011 as Amanda
11 Punish the Wicked movie Punish the Wicked 2005 as Kali
12 All My Children movie All My Children 1970 as Erica Double/Jane Double
13 Hells Gate movie Hells Gate 2008 as Erin
14 Mighty Med movie Mighty Med 2013 as Nurse
15 The Josh Moore Show movie The Josh Moore Show 2013 as Stacey
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