Elaine Baillie

as Nellie in the movie Brian Rix Presents: Lord Arthur Saviles Crime

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There is the list of movies, where Elaine Baillie was taked part:
1 Brian Rix Presents: Lord Arthur Saviles Crime movie Brian Rix Presents: Lord Arthur Saviles Crime 1970 as Nellie
2 Confessions of a Window Cleaner movie Confessions of a Window Cleaner 1974 as Ronnie
3 The Great Gold Swindle movie The Great Gold Swindle 1984 as Faye Mickelberg
4 The Love Box movie The Love Box 1972 as Masseuse (The Masseuse)
5 The Master of Ballantrae movie The Master of Ballantrae 1975 as Jessie Brown
6 Legend of the Werewolf movie Legend of the Werewolf 1975 as Annabelle
7 Mad Dog Morgan movie Mad Dog Morgan 1976 as Farm Girl
8 The Sexplorer movie The Sexplorer 1975 as Sauna Manageress
9 A Fortunate Life movie A Fortunate Life 1985 as Nurse
10 Bluey movie Bluey 1976 as Barbara Price
11 Division 4 movie Division 4 1969 as Mrs. Collier
12 Homicide movie Homicide 1964 as Sally Perkins
13 Man at the Top movie Man at the Top 1970 as Linda
14 Men of Affairs movie Men of Affairs 1973 as Klara
15 Microbes and Men movie Microbes and Men 1974 as Madame Pelletier
16 Paul Temple movie Paul Temple 1969 as Hippy
17 Power Without Glory movie Power Without Glory 1976 as Martha Ashton
18 Softly Softly: Task Force movie Softly Softly: Task Force 1969 as Mrs. Brannegan
19 The Goodies movie The Goodies 1970 as Debbie
20 Within These Walls movie Within These Walls 1974 as Lorna
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