Simone Bailly

as Record Company Receptionist in the movie Last Wedding

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Was born at Calgary (now is 48 years old) in Alberta, Canada

Simone Bailly is best known for her television roles on The L Word,Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Stargate SG-1, Da Vinci's City Hall,and the EA video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Most recently, shecan be seen on DC's Legends of Tomorrow (CW), as well as Limitless(CBS). Simone has also appeared in numerous feature films such as LifePartners, Good Luck Chuck, and I Spy. Ms.

Bailly has worked in allgenres from sci-fi to action to comedy. Simone resides in Los Angeles,California and travels back to her hometown Vancouver, BritishColumbia. Simone has been immersed in theatre, dance, athletics, singing andmodeling from a young age. Graduating with honors from the elite BFAacting program at the University of British Columbia, she performed &toured with a Shakespeare company, and sang in a hip hop/funk/jazzband. Transitioning from theatre to film and TV work, Simone has workedextensively in Canada & the U.

S. In her spare time she enjoys yoga,longboard skateboarding, pole dancing classes, snowboarding, andplaying pool. Simone is a certified yoga instructor, and PADI openwater scuba diver. Simone loves traveling, gardening and painting. .

There is some small facts about Simone Bailly:
  • Simone is a certified Yoga Instructor.
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There is the list of movies, where Simone Bailly was taked part:
1 Last Wedding movie Last Wedding 2001 as Record Company Receptionist
2 Da Vincis City Hall movie Da Vincis City Hall 2005 as Constable Jan Ferris
3 Da Vincis Inquest movie Da Vincis Inquest 1998 as Police Constable #3
4 Legends of Tomorrow movie Legends of Tomorrow 2016 as Council Member #2
5 14 Hours movie 14 Hours 2005 as Phoebe
6 A Teachers Obsession movie A Teachers Obsession 2015 as Coach Rubino
7 Bong of the Dead movie Bong of the Dead 2011 as Leah
8 Good Luck Chuck movie Good Luck Chuck 2007 as Matthew/Megan
9 Hotel Illness movie Hotel Illness 2002 as The Hooker
10 I Spy movie I Spy 2002 as Vegas Showgirl
11 InConvenience movie InConvenience 2005 as Customer - Floosey
12 Jesus Chris movie Jesus Chris 2011 as Justine
13 Life Partners movie Life Partners 2014 as Angelica
14 Living with the Dead movie Living with the Dead 2002 as Amy Condrin
15 Marilyn movie Marilyn 2011 as Waitress
16 Need for Speed: Most Wanted movie Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005 as Female Officer
17 Saving Milly movie Saving Milly 2005 as Production Assistant
18 Seeking Fear movie Seeking Fear 2005 as Stripper
19 Swimming Lessons movie Swimming Lessons 2006 as Mermaid
20 The Bar movie The Bar 2007 as Adeline
21 The Delicate Art of Parking movie The Delicate Art of Parking 2003 as Denise
22 The Millionaires Club movie The Millionaires Club 2013 as Celeste's Assistant
23 Battlestar Galactica movie Battlestar Galactica 2004 as Shona
24 Conspiracy movie Conspiracy 2007 as Jessie Cross
25 Exes & Ohs movie Exes & Ohs 2006 as Wife
26 Godivas movie Godivas 2005 as Loretta
27 Intelligence movie Intelligence 2005 as Kallie
28 Killer Instinct movie Killer Instinct 2005 as Dr. Maria Rodriguez
29 Limitless movie Limitless 2015 as Brandy Jo Hawkins
30 NCIS: Los Angeles movie NCIS: Los Angeles 2009 as LT. Shannon James
31 Robson Arms movie Robson Arms 2005 as Gennifer
32 Smallville movie Smallville 2001 as Star
33 Stargate SG-1 movie Stargate SG-1 1997 as Ka'lel
34 Surviving Disaster movie Surviving Disaster 2006 as Presswoman 2
35 The Assistants movie The Assistants 2009 as Kissing Girl (2008)
36 The L Word movie The L Word 2004 as Grace
37 The Outer Limits movie The Outer Limits 1995 as Administrator
38 Young Blades movie Young Blades 2005 as Solange
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