Jeanne Baird

as Chicago Operator in the movie Ten Thousand Bedrooms

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Was born at 28 March 1927 (now is 92 years old) in Du Bois, Pennsylvania, USA
There is some small facts about Jeanne Baird:
  • Mother of actress/producer 'Victoria Paige Meyerink' .
  • Mother-in-law of director/producer/writer 'Lawrence David Foldes' .
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There is the list of movies, where Jeanne Baird was taked part:
1 Ten Thousand Bedrooms movie Ten Thousand Bedrooms 1957 as Chicago Operator
2 The Great Skycopter Rescue movie The Great Skycopter Rescue 1980 as Sara Lieberman
3 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars movie Schlitz Playhouse of Stars 1951 as Miss Jenkins
4 Andy Hardy Comes Home movie Andy Hardy Comes Home 1958 as Sally Anderson
5 Black Spurs movie Black Spurs 1965 as Mrs. Greta Nemo
6 Get Outta Town movie Get Outta Town 1960 as Jill
7 Nightforce movie Nightforce 1987 as Mrs. Joanna Hansen
8 Prima Donnas movie Prima Donnas 1995 as Socialite
9 The D.I. movie The D.I. 1957 as Mother at Woman's Store
10 The Gay Deceivers movie The Gay Deceivers 1969 as Mrs. Conway
11 The High Cost of Loving movie The High Cost of Loving 1958 as Jean
12 Zig Zag movie Zig Zag 1970 as Party guest
13 26 Men movie 26 Men 1957 as Martha Lacy
14 Behind Closed Doors movie Behind Closed Doors 1958 as Nina
15 Ben Casey movie Ben Casey 1961 as Professor Margot Hart
16 Bonanza movie Bonanza 1959 as Jeanie
17 Dragnet movie Dragnet 1951 as Dixie
18 Four Star Playhouse movie Four Star Playhouse 1952 as Nan
19 Hawaiian Eye movie Hawaiian Eye 1959 as Nora Hamilton
20 Hennesey movie Hennesey 1959 as Sandy Hall
21 Highway Patrol movie Highway Patrol 1955 as Laura Spaeth
22 I Led 3 Lives movie I Led 3 Lives 1953 as Ellen Kulaki
23 I Married Joan movie I Married Joan 1952 as Diane
24 Ironside movie Ironside 1967 as Joan Waring
25 M Squad movie M Squad 1957 as Mary Allison
26 Medic movie Medic 1954 as Bonnie
27 Northwest Passage movie Northwest Passage 1958 as Martha Ramsey
28 Pantomime Quiz movie Pantomime Quiz 1947 as Herself
29 Perry Mason movie Perry Mason 1957 as Marge Fuller
30 Racket Squad movie Racket Squad 1950 as Jeannette, the Maid
31 Rescue 8 movie Rescue 8 1958 as Helen Hickey
32 Target: The Corruptors movie Target: The Corruptors 1961 as Helen McCloud
33 The Abbott and Costello Show movie The Abbott and Costello Show 1952 as Helen
34 The Joey Bishop Show movie The Joey Bishop Show 1961 as Susan
35 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp movie The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 1955 as Daughter
36 The Littlest Hobo movie The Littlest Hobo 1963 as Edna Dixon
37 The Living Christ Series movie The Living Christ Series 1951 as Martha
38 The Millionaire movie The Millionaire 1955 as Danny Rawlins
39 The Sheriff of Cochise movie The Sheriff of Cochise 1956 as Kay Adams
40 The Smith Family movie The Smith Family 1971 as Mrs. Grimm
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