Jenni Baird

as Dr. Katrina "Kate" Finch in the movie Global Frequency

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Was born at 1976 (now is 42 years old) in Sydney, Australia
There is some small facts about Jenni Baird:
  • She graduated from the Western Australian Academy of performing arts in performance in 1999 and was selected to participate in the 1999 ANPC/Stages Young Playwrights Weekend.
Also look some video clip about Jenni Baird:
There is the list of movies, where Jenni Baird was taked part:
1 Global Frequency movie Global Frequency 2005 as Dr. Katrina "Kate" Finch
2 Alien Trespass movie Alien Trespass 2009 as Tammy
3 Amorality Tale movie Amorality Tale 2005 as Roz
4 Australians Hit Hollywood movie Australians Hit Hollywood 2009 as Herself
5 Love Is Love movie Love Is Love 2007 as Sabrina
6 Metropolis movie Metropolis 2000 as Charlotte
7 A Place to Call Home movie A Place to Call Home 2013 as Regina Standish
8 All Saints movie All Saints 1998 as Paula Morgan
9 Crash Palace movie Crash Palace 2001 as Chris Sandford
10 GCB movie GCB 2012 as Mikki
11 Justice movie Justice 2006 as Linda Wallis
12 The 4400 movie The 4400 2004 as Meghan Doyle
13 Water Rats movie Water Rats 1996 as Jedda Simpson
There is the list of interview of Jenni Baird:
  • "Cult Times" (USA), August 2007, Iss. 144, pg. 34-37, by: Steven Eramo, "Baird To The Bone"
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Cult Times" (USA), August 2007, Iss. 144
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