Estelle Bajou

as Waitress in the movie Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding

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Estelle Bajou is a French-American actor, composer, and writer, raisedin the mountains of North Carolina. At age nineteen she earned a BA inTheatre and Creative Writing from Bard College at Simon's Rock. Shethen earned an MFA in Acting from The New School for Drama. She's anenthusiastic member of the Brooklyn-based band KOTORINO, and an ActingEnsemble Member/Resident Composer with One Year Lease Theater Company.

Based in NYC, she's loved traveling across North, Central, and SouthAmerica, Europe, and the Middle East, including Iraq in 2009, forprojects. .

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There is the list of movies, where Estelle Bajou was taked part:
1 Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding movie Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding 2011 as Waitress
2 Broke movie Broke 2013 as Jennifer
3 Chaplin of the Mountains movie Chaplin of the Mountains 2010 as Nazé
4 Chaplin of the Mountains movie Chaplin of the Mountains 2013 as Nazé
5 Dear Angry movie Dear Angry 2003 as Dancer
6 Family on Board movie Family on Board 2014 as Legal Assistant to the Defense
7 Focus movie Focus 2012 as Sophie
8 Henry Buys a Hat movie Henry Buys a Hat 2012 as Stacy
9 Hotel Room movie Hotel Room 2015 as Isabelle
10 Lullaby for Ray movie Lullaby for Ray 2011 as Christina
11 Mauselehome Sweet Home movie Mauselehome Sweet Home 2010 as Lil' Jackie 'D.O.A.' Paper
12 Sarinas Song movie Sarinas Song 2011 as Violinist
13 Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story movie Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story 1999 as Audience Member
14 SubHysteria movie SubHysteria 2010 as Cam
15 The Louder the Better movie The Louder the Better 2012 as Mandy
16 The Upshot movie The Upshot 2008 as Jamie
17 Why Do You Smell Like the Ocean? movie Why Do You Smell Like the Ocean? 2013 as Crack addict
18 Boardwalk Empire movie Boardwalk Empire 2010 as Hooker
19 Gossip Girl movie Gossip Girl 2007 as Student
20 Law & Order: Criminal Intent movie Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2001 as Ringside Fan
21 Life on Mars movie Life on Mars 2008 as Onlooker
There is the list of some articles of Estelle Bajou:
  • "Hollywood Reporter" (USA), 30 August 2010, by: Pamela Rolfe, "Jordan, Morocco pics to screen at San Seb sideba"
  • "Variety" (USA), 30 August 2010, by: EMILIO MAYORGA, "San Sebastian unveils Motion lineup"
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  • "Classical Voice of North Carolina" (USA), 22 June 2005, by: Robert W. McDowell, "REVIEW: Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy: The Southern-Fried Characters of "Graceland" and "Asleep on the Wind" Are Delightful"
  • "Independent Weekly" (USA), 11 May 2005, by: Byron Woods, "Political satire: Short form and long"
  • "The Pilot" (USA), 6 May 2005, by: Faye M. Dasen, "'Miss Firecracker' Continues at Temple"
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