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Was born at 4 February 1905 in Farnworth, Lancashire, England, UK . Died at 1 May 1986, Epsom, Surrey, England, UK (bronchial pneumonia)

This dark-haired barrel-shaped comedienne and character actress was thedaughter of a Lancashire comedian. She made her professional stagedebut in 1915 aged 10 and toured for decades in variety and second rankrevues, several of which she produced herself. She had a reputation forbeing difficult to work with, but this was probably because she was aperfectionist and had to fight for equal treatment in themale-dominated world of British show business. Her most popular act wasmalapropism-filled gossip with a tall, mute stooge called Cynthia (whowas nearly always played by a man in drag).

Baker became nationally famous in 1955 after a guest appearance on theTV show "The Good Old Days" (1953) and was kept busy in TV andon stage for the rest of her career. When success came she lived thelife of a star to the full: dressing in furs, buying a large house,driving huge cars and keeping monkeys as pets. She allegedly had avoracious sexual appetite and a liking for very young men and rumourscirculated about wild parties at her Blackpool home. She only appearedin five films but these include the classic Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960) and the Oscar-winning Oliver! (1968) She is now best remembered for the role of Nellie Pledge in the TVsitcom "Nearest and Dearest" (1968) . This ran for seven seriesand spawned stage and film spin-offs.

In it she played a prim northernspinster forever locking horns with her dissolute brother Eli afterthey jointly inherit their father's pickle factory. Her screen brotherwas played by comedian 'Jimmy Jewel' . Off-screen the pair hatedeach other and their on-set battles became part of British showbizlegend. As the series progressed Baker found it increasingly difficultto remember her lines and began to rely on cue cards. This was thefirst symptom of the Alzheimer's disease that would eventuallyoverwhelm her.

Her next starring vehicle was the TV sitcom "Not on Your Nellie" (1974) , in which she played NelliePickersgill - a thinly disguised version of Nellie Pledge - this time ateetotal spinster called down to London to run her ailing father's pub. This series was less successful and ended suddenly when theaccident-prone Baker injured herself after slipping on prop beer thathad been spilled on the studio floor. She sued the production companyand effectively ended her television career. In 1978 she was teamed with cockney character actor'Arthur Mullard' to record a parody of the Grease (1978) anthem 'You're The One That I Want'. This became an unlikely noveltyhit, reaching number 22 in the UK singles chart and leading to the pairmaking a memorably embarrassing appearance on Top of the Pops (1964).

Clips of this performance are often used in 'Worst TV moments'compilation shows. This proved to be Baker's TV swansong. Her memorywas getting worse and she was unable to work. In 1981 she moved intoBrinsworth House, a home for retired variety performers in Twickenham,Middlesex and then in 1984, as her condition deteriorated further, toHorton Psychiatric Hospital in Epsom, Surrey. She died there in 1986from bronchial pneumonia.

Hylda Baker is now a cult figure and is often quoted by today's Britishcomediennes as an influence and a trailblazer. A one-women play abouther life and career called "She Knows You Know" has played in London'sWest End and toured throughout the UK and Baker is becoming known tonew audiences through satellite and cable TV showings and DVD releasesof her TV and film work. .

There is some small facts about Hylda Baker:
  • Recorded a version of "You're The One That I Want" from 'Grease' with 'Arthur Mullard' . The song with comically altered text as if the words had been slightly misheard (a trade mark for Hylda) such as "if you're chilled with infection, you're too sly to convey" made number 22 in the British charts in 1978. This earned the pair an appearance on BBC TV's Top of the Pops.
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There is the list of movies, where Hylda Baker was taked part:
1 100 Greatest TV Moments from Hell movie 100 Greatest TV Moments from Hell 2000 as Herself
2 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning movie Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 1960 as Aunt Ada
3 Top of the Pops: The Story of 1978 movie Top of the Pops: The Story of 1978 2013 as Herself
4 Alan Melville Takes You from A-Z movie Alan Melville Takes You from A-Z 1956 as Herself
5 Val Parnells Sunday Night at the London Palladium movie Val Parnells Sunday Night at the London Palladium 1955 as Herself
6 All Star Comedy Carnival movie All Star Comedy Carnival 1972 as Nellie Pledge
7 Blackpool: Big Night Out movie Blackpool: Big Night Out 2012 as Herself
8 Nearest and Dearest movie Nearest and Dearest 1972 as Nellie Pledge
9 Oliver! movie Oliver! 1968 as Mrs. Sowerberry
10 She Knows YKnow movie She Knows YKnow 1956 as Herself
11 She Knows YKnow movie She Knows YKnow 1962 as Hylda Worswick
12 These Are the Shows movie These Are the Shows 1957 as Herself
13 Up the Junction movie Up the Junction 1968 as Winnie
14 Where the Difference Begins movie Where the Difference Begins 1961 as Bernie
15 Be Soon movie Be Soon 1957 as Hylda
16 Best of Friends movie Best of Friends 1963 as Hylda
17 Big Night Out movie Big Night Out 1961 as Herself
18 Blackpool Show Parade movie Blackpool Show Parade 1957 as Herself
19 Call Boy movie Call Boy 1957 as Herself
20 Comedy Bandbox movie Comedy Bandbox 1962 as Herself
21 David Nixons Comedy Bandbox movie David Nixons Comedy Bandbox 1966 as Herself - Guest
22 Emergency-Ward 10 movie Emergency-Ward 10 1957 as Nellie Staines
23 Face the Music movie Face the Music 1953 as Herself
24 Get It Together movie Get It Together 1977 as Herself - Guest
25 Holiday Hotel movie Holiday Hotel 1955 as Herself
26 ITV Play of the Week movie ITV Play of the Week 1955 as Mrs. Wiltshire
27 Nearest and Dearest movie Nearest and Dearest 1968 as Nellie Pledge
28 Not on Your Nellie movie Not on Your Nellie 1974 as Nellie Pickersgill
29 Omnibus movie Omnibus 1967 as Herself
30 Our House movie Our House 1960 as Henrietta
31 Out of Town Theatre movie Out of Town Theatre 1966 as Gran
32 Room 101 movie Room 101 1994 as Herself
33 Saturday Variety movie Saturday Variety 1972 as Herself
34 The Good Old Days movie The Good Old Days 1953 as Herself - Performer
35 The Val Doonican Show movie The Val Doonican Show 1970 as Herself
36 This Is Your Life movie This Is Your Life 1969 as Herself
37 Top of the Pops movie Top of the Pops 1964 as Herself
38 Z Cars movie Z Cars 1962 as Madge Mills
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