Iris Baker

as Emily Makepeace in the movie BBC Sunday-Night Theatre

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Real name is Iris Ada Stuart Baker
Was born at 23 May 1899 in Assam, India . Died at 5 January 1997, Surrey, England, UK
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There is the list of movies, where Iris Baker was taked part:
1 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre movie BBC Sunday-Night Theatre 1950 as Emily Makepeace
2 A Midsummer Nights Dream movie A Midsummer Nights Dream 1946 as Helena
3 A Midsummer Nights Dream movie A Midsummer Nights Dream 1947 as Helena
4 Androcles and the Lion movie Androcles and the Lion 1938 as Lavinia
5 Berkeley Square movie Berkeley Square 1948 as The Lady Anne Pettigrew
6 Call It a Day movie Call It a Day 1956 as Ethel Francis
7 Deirdre movie Deirdre 1938 as Deirdre
8 Getting Married movie Getting Married 1957 as Mrs. Bridgenorth
9 The Crime at Blossoms movie The Crime at Blossoms 1933 as Lena Denny
10 The Feathered Serpent movie The Feathered Serpent 1934 as Paula Ricks
11 The Great Adventure movie The Great Adventure 1947 as Janet Cannot
12 The Twelve Pound Look movie The Twelve Pound Look 1950 as Lady Sims
13 Too Many Husbands movie Too Many Husbands 1938 as Clare Brinkway
14 Two Dozen Red Roses movie Two Dozen Red Roses 1949 as Marina Verani
15 Youth at the Helm movie Youth at the Helm 1938 as Yvonne (the Chairman's daughter)
16 A Time of Day movie A Time of Day 1957 as Mrs. Denby
17 Happy and Glorious movie Happy and Glorious 1952 as Lady Jane Churchill
18 The Big Pull movie The Big Pull 1962 as Mrs. Anderson
19 The Passing Show movie The Passing Show 1951 as Mrs. Fayne
The image of Iris Ada Stuart Baker was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Radio Pictorial" (UK), 11 December 1936, Iss. 152
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