Joan Bakewell

as Herself in the movie Grierson 2010: The British Documentary Awards

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Real name is Joan Dawson Rowlands
Also known as The Thinking Man's Crumpet
Was born at 16 April 1933 (now is 85 years old) in Stockport, Cheshire, England, UK
There is some small facts about Joan Bakewell:
  • British Culture Secretary, Chris Smith, appointed her as the new Chair of the British Film Institute in 1999. She has been a BFI Governor since 1994, and served as Deputy Chair to 'Alan Parker (I)' , now Chairman of the newly formed industry organisation, the Film Council.
  • In the early 1960s had an extra-marital affair with writer 'Harold Pinter' . Later Pinter went on to write what became the movie Betrayal (1983) which told the story of their affair.
  • She was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) before being awarded the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2008 Queen's Birthday Honors List for her services to journalism and the arts.
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There is the list of movies, where Joan Bakewell was taked part:
1 Grierson 2010: The British Documentary Awards movie Grierson 2010: The British Documentary Awards 2010 as Herself
2 The Adventures of Barry McKenzie movie The Adventures of Barry McKenzie 1972 as Herself
3 Britains Favourite Comedian movie Britains Favourite Comedian 2004 as Herself - Audience Member
4 Heart of the Matter movie Heart of the Matter 1979 as Herself - Presenter
5 Late Night Line-Up movie Late Night Line-Up 1964 as Herself - Presenter
6 One Foot in the Past movie One Foot in the Past 1993 as Herself - Presenter
7 Only Connect movie Only Connect 2008 as Herself - Great Believers
8 The Sunday Programme movie The Sunday Programme 1994 as Herself - Presenter
9 The Sweepstakes Game movie The Sweepstakes Game 1976 as Herself - Panellist
10 Travels with Pevsner movie Travels with Pevsner 1997 as Herself - Presenter
11 100 Greatest Sexy Moments movie 100 Greatest Sexy Moments 2003 as Herself
12 100 Greatest Stand-Ups movie 100 Greatest Stand-Ups 2007 as Herself - Audience Member
13 All About TWO movie All About TWO 2014 as Herself
14 An Audience with Victoria Wood movie An Audience with Victoria Wood 1988 as Herself - Questioner
15 Election 1987 movie Election 1987 1987 as Herself - Reporter
16 Frost on Interviews movie Frost on Interviews 2012 as Herself
17 Happy Birthday BBC Two movie Happy Birthday BBC Two 2004 as Herself
18 Memoirs of a Cigarette movie Memoirs of a Cigarette 2007 as Herself
19 Out of the West movie Out of the West 1967 as Herself - Presenter
20 Sir David Frost: That Was the Life That Was movie Sir David Frost: That Was the Life That Was 2013 as Herself - Broadcaster and Journalist
21 Tales of Television Centre movie Tales of Television Centre 2012 as Herself - Presenter
22 The Bronte Business movie The Bronte Business 1977 as Herself
23 The Brontes at the BBC movie The Brontes at the BBC 2016 as Herself
24 The Commander movie The Commander 2003 as Herself
25 The Touchables movie The Touchables 1968 as Interviewer
26 The Truth About 60s TV movie The Truth About 60s TV 2004 as Herself
27 When Frost Met Bakewell: Joan Bakewell at 80 movie When Frost Met Bakewell: Joan Bakewell at 80 2013 as Herself
28 30 Years of An Audience With... movie 30 Years of An Audience With... 2010 as Herself - Audience Member
29 Arena movie Arena 1975 as Herself - Reporter
30 Breakfast with Frost movie Breakfast with Frost 1993 as Herself
31 Breakfast movie Breakfast 2000 as Herself
32 Britains Finest movie Britains Finest 2003 as Herself
33 British Film Forever movie British Film Forever 2007 as Herself
34 Cold Comfort Farm movie Cold Comfort Farm 1968 as Narrator
35 Countdown movie Countdown 1982 as Herself
36 Everyman movie Everyman 1977 as Herself - Presenter
37 Face to Face movie Face to Face 1959 as Herself - Latter-day Introduction
38 Favouritism movie Favouritism 2005 as Herself
39 Film 72 movie Film 72 1971 as Herself - Presenter
40 First Among Equals movie First Among Equals 1986 as TV Interviewer
There is the list of interview of Joan Bakewell:
  • "Radio Times" (UK), 11 June 1994, pg. 32-35, by: Andrew Duncan, "'My mother was shocked when I came home talking posh'"
There is the list of some quotes of Joan Bakewell:
  • I think the fact that people are phased out, people like 'Moira Stuart' and Selina ('Selina Scott' ) - out of the public eye - when they become a certain age is a real disadvantage to serious broadcasting. There's a whole segment of the British population that does not see its equivalent in serious broadcasting and that is women over 55. Now, that is not healthy for a broadcasting organisation's relationship with its audience. The public should be represented on the screen in various colours, forms, sexualities, whatever. There's no reason why the women should depart while the men stay in office. That's a straightforward matter of legitimate equality. Older women tell me they feel invisible and they literally are invisible on television. We need to do something about that because television represents such a picture of who we are as a community.
  • The liberal mood back in the 60s was that sex was pleasurable and wholesome and shouldn't be seen as dirty and wicked. The Pill allowed women to make choices for themselves. Of course, that meant the risk of making the wrong choice. But we all hoped girls would grow to handle the new freedoms wisely. Then everything came to be about money: so now sex is about money, too. Why else sexualise the clothes of little girls, run TV channels of naked wives, have sex magazines edging out the serious stuff on newsagents' shelves? It's money that's corrupted us and women are being used and are even collaborating.
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