Sónia Balacó

as Ariana Mendonça (2014) in the movie Água de Mar

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Was born at 12 February 1984 (now is 34 years old) in Peniche, Portugal

Sonia was born in Peniche, Portugal, and started performing with thelocal theatre group aged 12. After being a finalist in the Portuguese edition of the Supermodel ofthe World contest at the age of 14, Sonia started working in the mainfashion shows and for magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan,among others. At 15 she attended an audition for a main role in the prime-time Tvseries 'Jornalistas' and got the part. She kept being offered roles andat 18 started her BA in Performing Arts at the University of Lisbon,during which she was cast in Tv series, feature films and plays.

In 2008 she moved to London to study and pursue more work. Among musicvideos and commercials, she starred in the UK premiere production of'Who Will Carry The Word?' at the Courtyard Theatre in London (2009). Sonia has just finished filming the upcoming thriller 'I Against I'(2010), where she plays the main female part Sophia opposite MarkWomack and Kenny Doughty. .

There is some small facts about Sónia Balacó:
  • Speaks English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.
  • Was shot by Mario Testino for the cover of L'Uomo Vogue.
  • Founder and member of the devised theatre company Ha.que.dize.lo.
Also look some video clip about Sónia Balacó:
There is the list of movies, where Sónia Balacó was taked part:
1 Água de Mar movie Água de Mar 2014 as Ariana Mendonça (2014)
2 Ansiedade movie Ansiedade 2008 as Sara
3 Arts & Crafts movie Arts & Crafts 2009 as Marylin
4 Corrupção movie Corrupção 2007 as Alternadeira 2
5 E Depois, Matei-o movie E Depois, Matei-o 2012 as Susana
6 Fragile(s) movie Fragile(s) 2007 as French Actress
7 Gigi movie Gigi 2006 as Luisinha
8 Globos de Ouro 1999 movie Globos de Ouro 1999 2000 as Herself
9 Globos de Ouro 2001 movie Globos de Ouro 2001 2002 as Herself
10 Globos de Ouro 2014 movie Globos de Ouro 2014 2015 as Herself
11 GoldenEye 007 movie GoldenEye 007 2010 as Sgt. Garcia
12 I Against I movie I Against I 2010 as Sophia
13 I Against I movie I Against I 2012 as Sophia Carmichael
14 O que Há de Novo no Amor? movie O que Há de Novo no Amor? 2011 as Bárbara
15 Prémios Lumen: Gala RTP 57 Anos movie Prémios Lumen: Gala RTP 57 Anos 2014 as Herself
16 Sombras - Um Filme Sonâmbulo movie Sombras - Um Filme Sonâmbulo 2007 as Fada
17 Stabile movie Stabile 2007 as Mia
18 5 Para a Meia Noite movie 5 Para a Meia Noite 2009 as Herself
19 Agora Nós movie Agora Nós 2014 as Herself
20 Ana E os Sete movie Ana E os Sete 2003 as Andreia
21 Aqui Tão Longe movie Aqui Tão Longe 2016 as Cláudia (2016)
22 Casos da Vida movie Casos da Vida 2008 as Paula
23 Casualty movie Casualty 1986 as Maria Alvarido
24 Dança Comigo movie Dança Comigo 2006 as Herself
25 El ministerio del tiempo movie El ministerio del tiempo 2015 as Hija del Gallego
26 Fama Show movie Fama Show 2008 as Herself
27 Filho da Mãe movie Filho da Mãe 2015 as Herself
28 Inspector Max movie Inspector Max 2004 as Diana
29 Jornalistas movie Jornalistas 1999 as Madalena
30 Luís de Matos Mistérios movie Luís de Matos Mistérios 2008 as Herself - Guest
31 Maternidade movie Maternidade 2011 as Alexandra
32 Mulheres de Abril movie Mulheres de Abril 2014 as Maria (2014)
33 O Beijo do Escorpião movie O Beijo do Escorpião 2014 as Zulmira Dias
34 O Olhar da Serpente movie O Olhar da Serpente 2002 as Lúcia
35 Os Filhos do Rock movie Os Filhos do Rock 2013 as Lena
36 Sociedade Recreativa movie Sociedade Recreativa 2015 as Herself
37 Só Visto! movie Só Visto! 2013 as Herself
38 Triângulo Jota movie Triângulo Jota 2006 as Natacha - Age 20
39 Vila Faia movie Vila Faia 2008 as Reporter
40 Último a Sair movie Último a Sair 2011 as Sónia (2011)
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