Olga Balashova

as Dama-sekretar v institute in the movie Dom Solntsa

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Was born at 30 March 1975 (now is 43 years old) in Andizhan, Uzbek SSR, USSR
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There is the list of movies, where Olga Balashova was taked part:
1 Dom Solntsa movie Dom Solntsa 2010 as Dama-sekretar v institute
2 Artisty movie Artisty 2007 as Floransa
3 Grafomafiya movie Grafomafiya 2015 as Vera
4 Ty eto ya movie Ty eto ya 2006 as Neighbour
5 Okhotniki za brilliantami movie Okhotniki za brilliantami 2011 as Vera
6 Pechat odinochestva movie Pechat odinochestva 2009 as Yana
7 Printsessa s Severa movie Printsessa s Severa 2014 as (2014)
8 Savva Morozov movie Savva Morozov 2007 as Velikaya knyaginya Elizabet (2007)
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