Sue Balfour

as Mrs. Van Brown - Marion's Mother in the movie A Working Girls Romance

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Was born at August 1870 in New Jersey, USA . Died at 20 February 1937, Manhattan, New York, USA
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There is the list of movies, where Sue Balfour was taked part:
1 A Working Girls Romance movie A Working Girls Romance 1914 as Mrs. Van Brown - Marion's Mother
2 The Bawlerout movie The Bawlerout 1913 as Mrs. Lewis - Dick's Mother
3 The Coming of the Real Prince movie The Coming of the Real Prince 1914 as Mrs. Jones
4 A Mans Duty movie A Mans Duty 1912 as Mrs. Wilson - the Mother
5 Alias Mrs. Jessop movie Alias Mrs. Jessop 1917 as Ames, the Nurse
6 All for a Girl movie All for a Girl 1915 as Mrs. Van Espen
7 At Cripple Creek movie At Cripple Creek 1912 as Dynamite Ann
8 By Registered Mail movie By Registered Mail 1911 as The Wealthy Aunt
9 Caught in the Web movie Caught in the Web 1914 as Mrs. James Martin
10 Cyclone Higgins, D.D. movie Cyclone Higgins, D.D. 1918 as The Widow Pryor
11 Draft 258 movie Draft 258 1917 as Mrs. Alden
12 Hearts movie Hearts 1913 as Mrs. Norville - Bert's Mother
13 Love Me, Love My Dog movie Love Me, Love My Dog 1912 as Jack's Mother
14 Miss Robinson Crusoe movie Miss Robinson Crusoe 1917 as Aunt Agatha
15 Springtime movie Springtime 1914 as Marguerite
16 The Anonymous Letter movie The Anonymous Letter 1911 as Mrs. Barnes - George's Mother
17 The Concealed Truth movie The Concealed Truth 1915 as Martha
18 The Eternal Sacrifice movie The Eternal Sacrifice 1913 as Nan
19 The Fortunate Youth movie The Fortunate Youth 1916 as Ursula Winwood
20 The Great Secret movie The Great Secret 1917 as Mrs. Clarke
21 The Indestructible Wife movie The Indestructible Wife 1919 as Mother
22 The Judges Vindication movie The Judges Vindication 1913 as Mrs. Harris - the Judge's Wife
23 The Little Gray Lady movie The Little Gray Lady 1914 as Mrs. Carlyle
24 The Loafer movie The Loafer 1914 as Mrs. Fox - Dr. Fox's Mother
25 The Minor Chord movie The Minor Chord 1911 as Mrs. Bleeker - Gretchen's Mother
26 The Pseudo Prodigal movie The Pseudo Prodigal 1913 as Sister of Mercy
27 The Toy Phone movie The Toy Phone 1912 as Mrs. Webb - the Mother
28 The Unbroken Road movie The Unbroken Road 1915 as Mrs. Murrish
29 The Woman Who Knew movie The Woman Who Knew 1913 as Mrs. Beecher - Harry's Mother
There is the list of some articles of Sue Balfour:
  • "Moving Picture World" (USA), 24 August 1912, pg. 748-51, "In the Catskills with Reliance [ill]"
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