Jeanne Balibar

as Marianne Beaudessin in the movie Call Me Agostino

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Was born at 13 April 1968 (now is 50 years old) in Paris, France

When she was a child, Jeanne Balibar wanted to be a dancer. She wasalready attracted by the stage and the show and admired great operasingers like Maria Callas. As she was going to take the last exam forbecoming a lecturer, she decided not to go to the exam but to take anexam to become a stage actress. She went to the French academy foryoung actors, in Paris (like The Actors Studio, as if acting isn'ttaught in the same way) and she passed the very difficult exam withouthaving previously acted in any play nor movie.

When she finished herstudies for acting, she started to work for La Comédie Française, aworld-known French company which only produces French classics. Sheplayed the part of Elvire, from Molière's "Don Juan" in the biggestFrench stage festival: the festival of Avignon. She was reallyacclaimed by the French critics and public. She started to play inFrench cinema with directors such as Arnaud Desplechin ("My sexual likeor how I get into an argument") or Olivier Assayas ("Last August, EarlySeptember" for which she earned a best actress award in the Spanishmovie festival of San Sebastian). As though, these parts were dramatic,she was also wonderful in comedies such as "Ca ira mieux demain"(Jeanne Labrune) which made her more famous.

She was really acclaimedfor these movies but not very popular, as these films weren'tblockbusters. The film which really made her famous is Rivette's "WhoKnows" where she played the lead role of Camille, a French stageactress and created a very impressionating and innovative way ofacting. She replaced Emmanuelle Béart for this part and became a veryrespected actress. She started to sing in 2003 and she did a recordcalled "Paramour" with songs such as "Johnny Guitar" (from the NicholasRay's movie), "Pearl" (from "The Night of the Hunter") or even "Hélas"(a duet with Maggie Cheung who acted with her in "Clean", by OlivierAssayas). She is still a stage actress and started an internationalcareer with Winterbottom's "Code 46" (she played the part of TimRobbin's girlfriend).

As if she is not the most popular French actress,she is one of the most talented and her talents seem to have no limit:stage and movie acting, singing and soon dancing in Berliner's "FredAstaire". .

There is some small facts about Jeanne Balibar:
  • Is also a stage actress
  • Daughter of a philosopher and a physics scientist, she was a brillant university student before becoming an actress
  • She is now also a singer, "Paramour", album.
  • Former student of the CNSAD, the French National Conservatory.
  • Member of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in 2001.
  • Member of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in 2000.
  • Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.
  • Has supported François Hollande's 2012 presidential campaign.
  • (October 2005) She is now on the set of 'Fred Astaire' by Alain Berliner. She plays the part of a Cyd Charisse look-alike dancer.
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There is the list of movies, where Jeanne Balibar was taked part:
1 Call Me Agostino movie Call Me Agostino 2006 as Marianne Beaudessin
2 Jaurais voulu être un danseur movie Jaurais voulu être un danseur 2007 as Claudia
3 Le stade de Wimbledon movie Le stade de Wimbledon 2001 as La jeune femme
4 Marguerite, telle quen elle-même movie Marguerite, telle quen elle-même 2003 as Récitante/Narrator
5 Toutes ces belles promesses movie Toutes ces belles promesses 2003 as Marianne
6 17 fois Cécile Cassard movie 17 fois Cécile Cassard 2002 as Edith
7 Avec tout mon amour movie Avec tout mon amour 2001 as Eugénia
8 Biette movie Biette 2011 as Herself
9 Biette Intermezzo movie Biette Intermezzo 2011 as Herself
10 Clara sen va mourir movie Clara sen va mourir 2012 as Clara
11 Code 46 movie Code 46 2003 as Sylvie
12 Comment je me suis disputé... (ma vie sexuelle) movie Comment je me suis disputé... (ma vie sexuelle) 1996 as Valérie
13 Comédie de linnocence movie Comédie de linnocence 2000 as Isabella
14 Deadweight movie Deadweight 2016 as Francoise Kettler
15 Delight movie Delight 2013 as Echo
16 Dieu seul me voit movie Dieu seul me voit 1998 as Anna
17 Fin août, début septembre movie Fin août, début septembre 1998 as Jenny
18 Grace of Monaco movie Grace of Monaco 2014 as Countess Baciochi
19 Im Alter von Ellen movie Im Alter von Ellen 2010 as Ellen
20 Intimisto movie Intimisto 2001 as La femme
21 Jai horreur de lamour movie Jai horreur de lamour 1997 as Annie
22 Kafka va au cinéma movie Kafka va au cinéma 2002 as Récitante
23 Lidiot movie Lidiot 2008 as Nastassia Philippovna
24 La femme invisible (daprès une histoire vraie) movie La femme invisible (daprès une histoire vraie) 2009 as Fantômette
25 La fille de Monaco movie La fille de Monaco 2008 as Hélène
26 La folie douce movie La folie douce 1994 as Madeleine
27 La traversée du désir movie La traversée du désir 2009 as Herself
28 Le bal des actrices movie Le bal des actrices 2009 as Jeanne Balibar
29 Le beau Pavel movie Le beau Pavel 1994 as Jeanne
30 Le dos rouge movie Le dos rouge 2014 as Célia Bhy
31 Le plaisir de chanter movie Le plaisir de chanter 2008 as Constance
32 Les nuits dété movie Les nuits dété 2014 as Hélène
33 Mange ta soupe movie Mange ta soupe 1997 as La fille
34 Mourir daimer movie Mourir daimer 2009 as Mère de Lucas
35 Ne change rien movie Ne change rien 2005 as Herself
36 Ne change rien movie Ne change rien 2009 as Herself
37 Ne touchez pas la hache movie Ne touchez pas la hache 2007 as Antoinette de Langeais
38 Panique au village movie Panique au village 2009 as Madame Longrée
39 Par exemple, Electre movie Par exemple, Electre 2013 as Jeanne
40 Sade movie Sade 2000 as Madame Santero
There is the list of interview of Jeanne Balibar:
  • "Positif" (France), April 2007, pg. 15-18, by: Yann Tobin, "Les Gens terrorisés peuvent être monstrueux (Entretien avec Jeanne Balibar et Guillaume Depardieu)"
There is the list of some articles of Jeanne Balibar:
  • "The New York Times" (USA), 3 November 2010, Vol. 160, Iss. 55,213, pg. C7, by: Matt Zoller Seitz, "Light and Shadow, and Music on the Wondrous, Dreamy Side"
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