Mireille Balin

as Une jeune fille in the movie Adieu les beaux jours

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Real name is Blanche Mireille Césarine Balin
Was born at 20 July 1909 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco . Died at 9 November 1968, Clichy-la-Garenne, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France

Mireille Balin was one the most glamorous and best loved actresses ofpre-war French cinema. She appeared in two of the best rememberedFrench films of the 1930s: Pépé le Moko (1937) and Gueule d'amour (1937) , both opposite 'Jean Gabin' . Afterthe German occupation of France and her separation from her long-timefiancé, the singer/actor 'Tino Rossi' in 1942, she starred inseveral films and became the idol of the Paris High Society where shemet the love of her life, Birl Desbok, an officer in the Wehrmacht. Inthe summer of 1944, as Paris was about to be liberated, she and Desbokfled Paris and tried to reach the Italian border but on September 28th,1944 they were arrested by the FFI in Beausoleil (near Nice).

Separatedfrom Desbok, who was probably executed (she never knew what reallyhappened to him), she was beaten and raped before being taken to Niceprison. She was soon transferred to Fresnes prison (near Paris) whereshe stayed until her release on bail on 3rd January 1945. She wasforbidden to work for a year but once this restriction lifted, she wentback to the studios to appear in what proved to be her last film La dernière chevauchée (1947) , her frail constitution preventedher from appearing in any other films. She died in 1968, forgotten andbroke. .

There is some small facts about Mireille Balin:
  • Was fluent in Italian, which is quite evident in the film L'assedio dell'Alcazar (1940) (she was not dubbed).
  • Her father was from Monaco and her mother was Italian.
Also look some video clip about Mireille Balin:
There is the list of movies, where Mireille Balin was taked part:
1 Adieu les beaux jours movie Adieu les beaux jours 1933 as Une jeune fille
2 Lassassin a peur la nuit movie Lassassin a peur la nuit 1942 as Lola Gracieuse
3 Le capitaine Benoît movie Le capitaine Benoît 1938 as Véra Agatcheff
4 Coups de feu movie Coups de feu 1939 as La comtesse Vilma Isopolska
5 Dernier atout movie Dernier atout 1942 as Bella Score
6 Fromont jeune et Risler aîné movie Fromont jeune et Risler aîné 1941 as Sidonie Chèbe
7 Gueule damour movie Gueule damour 1937 as Madeleine
8 Haut le vent movie Haut le vent 1942 as Gisèle Esteban
9 Jeunes filles de Paris movie Jeunes filles de Paris 1936 as Gine
10 Lassedio dellAlcazar movie Lassedio dellAlcazar 1940 as Carmen Herrera
11 La dernière chevauchée movie La dernière chevauchée 1947 as Louise Valérian
12 La femme que jai le plus aimée movie La femme que jai le plus aimée 1942 as La femme de Claude
13 La Vénus de lor movie La Vénus de lor 1938 as Judith
14 Le roman dun spahi movie Le roman dun spahi 1936 as Cora
15 Le sexe faible movie Le sexe faible 1933 as Nicole
16 Macao, lenfer du jeu movie Macao, lenfer du jeu 1942 as Mireille
17 Malaria movie Malaria 1943 as Madeleine Barral
18 Marie des angoisses movie Marie des angoisses 1935 as Marie
19 Menaces... movie Menaces... 1940 as Denise
20 Naples au baiser de feu movie Naples au baiser de feu 1937 as Assunta
21 On a trouvé une femme nue movie On a trouvé une femme nue 1934 as Denise
22 Pépé le Moko movie Pépé le Moko 1937 as Gaby
23 Rappel immédiat movie Rappel immédiat 1939 as Helen Wells
24 Si jétais le patron movie Si jétais le patron 1934 as Marcelle
25 Spisok korabley movie Spisok korabley 2008 as Gaby
26 Terra di fuoco movie Terra di fuoco 1939 as Georgette/Giorgetta
27 Vive la classe movie Vive la classe 1932 as Elyanne
28 Vive la compagnie movie Vive la compagnie 1934 as Lilette
The image of Blanche Mireille Césarine Balin was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Mon Film" (France), 4 February 1948, Iss. No. 77
  • "Pour Vous" (France), 23 March 1938, Iss. 488
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