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as Leona the Sheriff in the movie Avas Magical Adventure

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Real name is Catherine Gloria Balotta
Was born at 20 November 1925 (now is 93 years old) in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Singing funny girl Kaye Ballard was born to perform. . . and perform shehas in a career now broaching seven decades.

With a strong comedybackground and tunnel mouth to rival 'Martha Raye' , the broad andbouncy trouper has drawn laughs on the musical stage, in night clubs,in recordings and on TV. As the archetypal over-emotive, knuckle-bitingItalian wife and mama, the octogenarian continues to tickle the funnybone with her earthy brand of comedy while alternately touching heartsin song. She was born Catherine Gloria Balotta, in Cleveland, Ohio, the daughterof an Italian immigrant. A deep desire to perform had already struck bythe time she was five years old. A typical class clown during her highschool years, she began to compile a number of star impressions for heract.

In her teens she performed in a Cleveland USO stage production of"Stage Door Canteen" (1941), and soon set out on her own. Earning a job in 1943 touring with 'Spike Jones (I)' and HisOrchestra for two years as his featured vocalist and flute/tubaplayer(!), Kaye eventually set up camp in New York and made herBroadway debut with the revue "Three to Make Ready" (1946). From thereshe showcased in the musicals "Once in a Lifetime," "Touch and Go" (inLondon), "Annie Get Your Gun" and the burlesque show "Top Banana". During this time she built up a strong song-and-comedy reputation forherself on the nightclub circuit, eventually playing the country's bestcabarets/niteries including The Bon Soir, Persian Room and Blue Angelin New York, The Hungry i in San Francisco, and Mr. Kelly's in Chicago.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Kaye graced nearly every talk/variety showthere was including those for 'Ed Sullivan (I)' ,'Jack Paar (I)' , 'Johnny Carson (I)' , 'Steve Allen (I)' ,'Perry Como' , 'Red Skelton' , 'Carol Burnett' ,'Merv Griffin' and 'Mike Douglas (I)' . Two of her classic TVroles were her ugly stepsister Portia (the other sister being fellowscene-stealer 'Alice Ghostley' ) in the 'Julie Andrews (I)' version of Cinderella (1957) (TV) , and as one of "The Mothers-In-Law" (1967) (the other being fellow veteran'Eve Arden' ) in the popular but short-lived sitcom produced by'Desi Arnaz' . Both showcases catered perfectly to Kaye's brashcomedy instincts. She also pitched in as a meddling second banana for'Doris Day (I)' for one season of the star's 70s TV show. On stage Kaye had Broadway audiences rolling in the aisles with herHelen of Troy in the 1954 musical "The Golden Apple" while introducingthe classic song standard "Lazy Afternoon.

" Other raves came in theform of "Wonderful Town" (1958), "Carnival" (1961) and Cole PorterRevisited" (1965). On the flip side of the coin, she played a frumpyLola Delaney in a badly misguided musical version of "Come Back, LittleSheba" (entitled "Sheba") in 1974, and also tried unsuccessfully tobring life to the beloved, indomitable Molly Goldberg radio/TVcharacter in the Broadway musical "Molly" (1973); the show lasted amere two months. Kaye was much more at home sinking her teeth into twoof theater's most impregnable females: Mama Rose in "Gypsy" and DollyLevi in "Hello, Dolly!"With an out-stretched personality on par with 'Carol Channing' and'Ethel Merman' , films never became a suitable medium. AlthoughKaye gave a standout debut performance in The Girl Most Likely (1958) , starring 'Jane Powell (I)' ,she was seldom seen after that. Her sprinkling of supports included A House Is Not a Home (1964) with 'Shelley Winters' , Which Way to the Front? (1970) starring 'Jerry Lewis (I)' , Freaky Friday (1976) with young 'Jodie Foster' , and,perhaps more notably, in The Ritz (1976) starring'Rita Moreno (I)' and 'Jerry Stiller' in which she got toplay her patented haranguing wife.

In later years, Kaye dominated the stage with feisty work in "Nunsense","The Pirates of Penzance" (a Broadway replacement), "High Spirits" (asMadame Arcati), "Funny Girl" (as Mrs. Brice), "The Full Monty" and thefemale version of "The Odd Couple". In recent times, the Rancho Mirage,California resident has performed with the Palm Spring Follies show isout-and-about doing her one-woman cabaret show belting out the good oldsongs and retracing her burlesque-styled comedy roots. A survivor ofbreast cancer, the never-married veteran has shown no signs of slowingdown. .

There is some small facts about Kaye Ballard:
  • Began her career on Vaudeville as an impressionist and singer.
  • Breast cancer survivor.
  • (January 2010) Rancho Mirage, California
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There is the list of movies, where Kaye Ballard was taked part:
1 Avas Magical Adventure movie Avas Magical Adventure 1998 as Leona the Sheriff
2 Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age movie Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age 2012 as Herself
3 Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age movie Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age 2016 as Herself
4 Doris Day: A Sentimental Journey movie Doris Day: A Sentimental Journey 1991 as Herself
5 Falling in Love Again movie Falling in Love Again 1980 as Mrs. Lewis (1940's)
6 The 37th Annual Academy Awards movie The 37th Annual Academy Awards 1965 as Herself - Audience Member
7 The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer movie The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1998 as Mrs. Grumpy Old Man
8 Which Way to the Front? movie Which Way to the Front? 1970 as Senora Messina
9 Love, American Style movie Love, American Style 1969 as (segment "Love and the Soap Opera")
10 The Engelbert Humperdinck Show movie The Engelbert Humperdinck Show 1969 as Herself
11 The Hollywood Palace movie The Hollywood Palace 1964 as Herself - Comedian
12 The Law and Harry McGraw movie The Law and Harry McGraw 1987 as Angela Calucci
13 The Mike Douglas Show movie The Mike Douglas Show 1961 as Herself - Co-Host
14 The Muppet Show movie The Muppet Show 1976 as Herself/Gretchen Powers
15 The NBC Comedy Hour movie The NBC Comedy Hour 1956 as Herself - Comedian
16 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson movie The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1962 as Herself - Guest
17 A House Is Not a Home movie A House Is Not a Home 1964 as Sidonia
18 A Lovely Night: The Making of Rodgers and Hammersteins Television Classic movie A Lovely Night: The Making of Rodgers and Hammersteins Television Classic 2005 as Herself
19 American Film Institute Comedy Special movie American Film Institute Comedy Special 1987 as Mrs. Pagano (segment "Five Corners")
20 Baby Geniuses movie Baby Geniuses 1999 as Mayor
21 Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There movie Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There 2003 as Herself
22 Cinderella movie Cinderella 1957 as Stepsister Portia
23 Fate movie Fate 1990 as Judy
24 Freaky Friday movie Freaky Friday 1976 as Coach Betsy
25 Heres Harry: Remembering Gale Gordon movie Heres Harry: Remembering Gale Gordon 2011 as Herself - Interviewee
26 Little Insects movie Little Insects 2000 as Queen Palooma
27 Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade movie Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade 1984 as Herself
28 Modern Love movie Modern Love 1990 as Receptionist
29 Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin to Tell You movie Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin to Tell You 2013 as Herself
30 Musical Comedy Tonight III movie Musical Comedy Tonight III 1985 as Herself
31 Night of 100 Stars movie Night of 100 Stars 1982 as Herself
32 Pandemonium movie Pandemonium 1982 as Glenn's Mom
33 Sonic Boom movie Sonic Boom 1974 as Aggie
34 The 37th Annual Thalians Ball movie The 37th Annual Thalians Ball 1992 as Herself
35 The Desilu Story movie The Desilu Story 2003 as Herself
36 The Dream Merchants movie The Dream Merchants 1980 as Esther Kessler
37 The Girl Most Likely movie The Girl Most Likely 1958 as Marge
38 The Million Dollar Kid movie The Million Dollar Kid 2000 as Mrs. Crabby
39 The Outrageous Sophie Tucker movie The Outrageous Sophie Tucker 2014 as Herself
40 The Pool of Desire movie The Pool of Desire 2004 as Herself
There is the list of some articles of Kaye Ballard:
  • "The New York Times" (USA), 1 May 1981, pg. C12, by: John S. Wilson, "Kaye Ballard Is 'Home' for a While"
There is the list of some quotes of Kaye Ballard:
  • Referring to Kaye Ballard Lane in Rancho Mirage, California: Frank Sinatra had a street. Dean Martin had a street. I have a lane.
  • On "The Mothers-in-Law" series: It's hard to get away from anything like that. It's like the Fonz. Only he made a lot of money. We didn't
  • I'm one of the lucky ones. People get Master's Degree and they say, 'I don't know what I wanted to do,' I knew I always wanted to do. Isn't that nice?
  • [When asked if $250 would be a joke, and whether 'Eve Arden' , who starred alongside Ballard herself, were making enough]: Yes! We were all supposed to get a two-hundred-fifty-dollar raise the second year, and suddenly Proctor & Gamble wouldn't do it. So Desi said, 'Either you do it, or the show doesn't go on.' And all this when we were still in the top ten! What was so funny was that Eve and I were telling him, 'No! We want to do it!' It's fascinating the difference [in salaries] today. Eve and I didn't make that much money. Eve Arden who was a big star then, made six-thousand a week, and I made two. When you compare that today to one or two million dollars an episode!! It's crazy!
  • [Of 'Eve Arden' ]: Eve Arden was another class act to work with. Just classy, classy, and I bought a house in Los Angeles, and everyone said, 'You sold your house to Eve Arden?' I said, 'No!' I sold my 28 pier mortgage to Eve Arden; and she was just a wonderful, woman to work with.
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