Clare Balmford

as Priscilla in the movie The Last of the Australians

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There is the list of movies, where Clare Balmford was taked part:
1 The Last of the Australians movie The Last of the Australians 1975 as Priscilla
2 Alvin Purple movie Alvin Purple 1973 as First Nun
3 Alvin Rides Again movie Alvin Rides Again 1974 as Employment Clerk
4 Mad Dog Morgan movie Mad Dog Morgan 1976 as Old Whitley Woman
5 Ned Kelly movie Ned Kelly 1970 as Nell Sherritt
6 Bellbird movie Bellbird 1967 as Jane Mitchell
7 Division 4 movie Division 4 1969 as Dianne Anderson
8 Homicide movie Homicide 1964 as Robyn
9 Matlock Police movie Matlock Police 1971 as Susan Jackson
10 Water Under the Bridge movie Water Under the Bridge 1980 as Di
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