Maddly Bamy

as Une vacancière in the movie Laventure, cest laventure

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Was born at Pointe-à-Pitre (now is 48 years old) in Guadeloupe, France

Born in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, she went to live in France withher family. Her brother 'Erick Bamy' became main chorist andmusical director for 'Johnny Hallyday' for more than 25 years. Shebecame a dancer in the Claudettes "Claude François' dancing girls in1971. She met 'Jacques Brel' during the making of "L'aventurec'est l'aventure".

She became his companion and was with him when hedied. She has written many books: "Tu leur diras" éd. Du Grésivaudan,"La rivière sans rives" éd. Flammarion, "Et si la parole de JacquesBrel était vivante?", "Lettre à mon fils que je n'ai pas eu" éd. DuRocher.


There is some small facts about Maddly Bamy:
  • Stage actress
  • sister of 'Erick Bamy'
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There is the list of movies, where Maddly Bamy was taked part:
1 Laventure, cest laventure movie Laventure, cest laventure 1972 as Une vacancière
2 Nous les artistes: Jacques Brel movie Nous les artistes: Jacques Brel 1979 as Herself
3 Jacques Brel op de Marquisen movie Jacques Brel op de Marquisen 2005 as Herself
4 Lamour fou movie Lamour fou 1969 as Madly-Céphise
5 La piscine movie La piscine 1969 as La mulâtre qui danse
6 La vie rêvée de Vincent Scotto movie La vie rêvée de Vincent Scotto 1973 as Josephine Baker
7 Le gang des otages movie Le gang des otages 1973 as La Martiniquaise
8 Madly movie Madly 1970 as Madly
9 Les cinq dernières minutes movie Les cinq dernières minutes 1958 as Emmanuelle
10 Vie privée, vie publique movie Vie privée, vie publique 2000 as Herself
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