Orna Banai

as Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes/Larisa Trembovler/Orna Datz/Various in the movie Eretz Nehederet

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Was born at 25 November 1966 (now is 52 years old) in Omer, Israel
There is some small facts about Orna Banai:
  • Sister of 'Meir Banai' and singer 'Eviatar Banai' .
  • Cousin of 'Ehud Banai (I)' , 'Yuval Banai' and 'Uri Banai'
  • Niece of 'Chaim Banai' , 'Gavri Banai' , 'Ya'ackov Banai' and 'Yossi Banai'
  • Her father is a judge
  • Son Amir born on December 8, 2003.
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There is the list of movies, where Orna Banai was taked part:
1 Eretz Nehederet movie Eretz Nehederet 2003 as Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes/Larisa Trembovler/Orna Datz/Various
2 Matzav HaUma movie Matzav HaUma 2010 as Herself - Panelist/Dalia Mazor
3 Afarsek movie Afarsek 2003 as Orli
4 Ha-Khetzi HaSheni movie Ha-Khetzi HaSheni 1996 as Iris
5 Zohi Sdom movie Zohi Sdom 2010 as Hagar
6 Action movie Action 1994 as Limor
7 Anachnu BaMapa movie Anachnu BaMapa 2015 as Various/Betty Aloni
8 Gav HaUma movie Gav HaUma 2015 as Herself - Panelist
9 Ha-Chaim Ze Lo Ha-Kol movie Ha-Chaim Ze Lo Ha-Kol 2001 as Rina Koren
10 Hakol Avud movie Hakol Avud 2016 as Herself - Guest
11 Hashanim Hachi Yafot movie Hashanim Hachi Yafot 2011 as Gila Cohen
12 Imalle movie Imalle 2005 as Efrat 'Effi' Bachar
13 Merhav Yarkon movie Merhav Yarkon 1997 as Maggie
14 Mishpaha Sholetet movie Mishpaha Sholetet 2014 as Shelomtzion Lurie
15 Moadon Layla movie Moadon Layla 2006 as Herself - Panelist
16 Rak Beyisrael movie Rak Beyisrael 1998 as Limor
17 Shotetut movie Shotetut 2001 as Herself
18 Tmunot Yafoiyot movie Tmunot Yafoiyot 1995 as Luna Shubashi
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