Rosanna Banfi

as Margherita Andreoli in the movie Compagni di scuola

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Real name is Zagaria, Rosanna
Was born at 10 April 1963 (now is 55 years old) in Canosa di Puglia, Puglia, Italy
There is some small facts about Rosanna Banfi:
  • She's the daughter of actor 'Lino Banfi' .
  • Children: Virginia (b. 1993) and Pietro (b.1998).
Also look some video clip about Rosanna Banfi:
There is the list of movies, where Rosanna Banfi was taked part:
1 Compagni di scuola movie Compagni di scuola 2001 as Margherita Andreoli
2 Distretto di polizia movie Distretto di polizia 2000 as Ludovica Barbieri
3 Ameluk movie Ameluk 2014 as Maria's Mother
4 Bellifreschi movie Bellifreschi 1987 as Rosanna
5 Grandi magazzini movie Grandi magazzini 1986 as Assunta
6 Il padre delle spose movie Il padre delle spose 2006 as Aurora
7 Raccontami una storia movie Raccontami una storia 2004 as Valeria
8 Capri movie Capri 2006 as Amalia
9 Il vigile urbano movie Il vigile urbano 1989 as Milena Tommasi
10 Lo zio dAmerica 2 movie Lo zio dAmerica 2 2006 as Mercedes
11 Lo zio dAmerica movie Lo zio dAmerica 2002 as Mercedes
12 Un inviato molto speciale movie Un inviato molto speciale 1992 as Dora
13 Un medico in famiglia movie Un medico in famiglia 1998 as Dorotea 'Tea' Molinari
There is the list of interview of Rosanna Banfi:
  • "Telesette" (Italy), 12 November 2002, Iss. 46, pg. 8-9, by: M.B., "La signora della domenica"
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