Marcy Bannor

as Female Anchor B/Mother Nagamine in the movie Gamera 3: Iris kakusei

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There is the list of movies, where Marcy Bannor was taked part:
1 Gamera 3: Iris kakusei movie Gamera 3: Iris kakusei 1999 as Female Anchor B/Mother Nagamine
2 Clannad: After Story movie Clannad: After Story 2008 as Additional Voices
3 Kiseijû: Sei no kakuritsu movie Kiseijû: Sei no kakuritsu 2014 as Tamiya's Mom
4 Adam: His Song Continues movie Adam: His Song Continues 1986 as Alice
5 Forever Evil movie Forever Evil 1987 as Lisa
6 Saiyûki movie Saiyûki 1994 as Aunt Han
7 Za samurai movie Za samurai 1987 as Atsuko's Mother
8 Air Gear movie Air Gear 2006 as Isoba
9 Akuerian eiji movie Akuerian eiji 2002 as Keiko Kamikurata
10 Clannad movie Clannad 2007 as 3-A Teacher
11 DRAMAtical Murder movie DRAMAtical Murder 2014 as Tae
12 Gasaraki movie Gasaraki 1998 as Old Wife
13 Gilgamesh movie Gilgamesh 2003 as Head Maid
14 Kino no tabi movie Kino no tabi 2003 as Supplies Saleswoman, Mother, Nanny
15 Majutsushi Orphen Mubouhen movie Majutsushi Orphen Mubouhen 1998 as Elder #3, Netta (ep. 10)
16 No. 6 movie No. 6 2011 as Safu's grandmother
17 Oh! Sûpâ Miruku-chan movie Oh! Sûpâ Miruku-chan 1998 as Tetsuko
18 Princess Nine kisaragi joshi kou yakuu-bu movie Princess Nine kisaragi joshi kou yakuu-bu 1998 as Nosey Neighbor/Jr. High Principal
19 Redo gâden movie Redo gâden 2006 as The Director
20 Supa Miruku Chan movie Supa Miruku Chan 1998 as Tetsuko (Vintage Version)
21 Utawarerumono movie Utawarerumono 2006 as Tuskuru
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