Janet Banzet

as Clinic Patient in the movie Is There Sex After Death?

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Real name is Jeanette Banzet
Was born at 17 May 1934 in Dallas, Texas, USA . Died at 29 July 1971, New York City, New York, USA (suicide)
There is some small facts about Janet Banzet:
  • In 1961 Banzet studied acting in Bill Hickey's classes at New York's HB Studio.
  • She began her career as a young, aspiring actress in mainstream films, a Mary Tyler Moore look-alike appearing in minor uncredited roles. However, even these were so few that she was soon relegated to minor softcore sexploitation films and occasionally worked as a manicurist to supplement her income. One evening she had made plans for dinner with some friends, but despondent over her career and a recent failed relationship, she instead put a paper bag over her head and hung herself in her small apartment in New York City.
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There is the list of movies, where Janet Banzet was taked part:
1 Is There Sex After Death? movie Is There Sex After Death? 1971 as Clinic Patient
2 Smoke and Flesh movie Smoke and Flesh 1968 as Aspiring Actress at Party
3 The Beast That Killed Women movie The Beast That Killed Women 1965 as Girl Waiting to Join Camp #2
4 The Party at Kitty and Studs movie The Party at Kitty and Studs 1970 as Girl in Park
5 A Thousand Pleasures movie A Thousand Pleasures 1968 as Belle
6 All Women Are Bad movie All Women Are Bad 1969 as Stripper #2/Fortune teller
7 Anything for Money movie Anything for Money 1967 as Sue
8 Breakfast at Tiffanys movie Breakfast at Tiffanys 1961 as Woman
9 Cargo of Love movie Cargo of Love 1968 as Prostitute
10 Come Play with Me movie Come Play with Me 1968 as Ruthie
11 Diary of a Swinger movie Diary of a Swinger 1967 as Party Guest
12 Lusting Hours movie Lusting Hours 1967 as Lesbian Model
13 Mini-Skirt Love movie Mini-Skirt Love 1967 as Janet
14 Private Relations movie Private Relations 1968 as Katie Mallory
15 Sexual Understanding movie Sexual Understanding 1970 as Sex Demonstrator
16 Skin Deep in Love movie Skin Deep in Love 1966 as Janet
17 Strangers in the City movie Strangers in the City 1962 as Girl at party
18 Sugar Daddy movie Sugar Daddy 1968 as Candy
19 Teenage Gang Debs movie Teenage Gang Debs 1966 as Rosie
20 The Amazing Transplant movie The Amazing Transplant 1970 as Bobbie Revan
21 The Kiss of Her Flesh movie The Kiss of Her Flesh 1968 as Mona
22 The Sex Cycle movie The Sex Cycle 1967 as Nude Model/Spirit #2
23 The Ultimate Degenerate movie The Ultimate Degenerate 1969 as Dora
24 The Wall of Flesh movie The Wall of Flesh 1968 as Miss Walls
25 To Turn a Trick movie To Turn a Trick 1967 as Angie
26 Two Girls for a Madman movie Two Girls for a Madman 1968 as Dancer
27 Venus in Furs movie Venus in Furs 1967 as Woman on subway
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