Yael Bar-Zohar

as Herself in the movie Hatzilu! Ani Lo Yodea Levashel

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Was born at 29 January 1980 (now is 38 years old) in Tel Aviv, Israel
There is some small facts about Yael Bar-Zohar:
  • Has 2 sons with husband 'Guy Zoaretz' (b. October 25, 2007 and February 2011).
Also look some video clip about Yael Bar-Zohar:
There is the list of movies, where Yael Bar-Zohar was taked part:
1 Hatzilu! Ani Lo Yodea Levashel movie Hatzilu! Ani Lo Yodea Levashel 2014 as Herself
2 Arutz 2: Achshav HaSeret movie Arutz 2: Achshav HaSeret 2003 as Herself
3 Shilgiya Ve-Ha-Tzayad movie Shilgiya Ve-Ha-Tzayad 2013 as Shilgiya
4 Eretz Nehederet movie Eretz Nehederet 2003 as Melanie Balili
5 Ha-Chayim Al-Pi Y movie Ha-Chayim Al-Pi Y 2005 as Herself
6 Pirsey Ha-Ofna movie Pirsey Ha-Ofna 2006 as Herself - Hostess
7 Rak Beyisrael movie Rak Beyisrael 1998 as Herself
8 Ramat Aviv Gimmel movie Ramat Aviv Gimmel 1995 as Sharon Linovich
9 Shachar movie Shachar 2001 as Ariel (2001)
10 Shemesh movie Shemesh 1997 as Nurse
11 Telenovela Baam movie Telenovela Baam 2005 as Dana Blum
12 Tochnit Kitzis movie Tochnit Kitzis 2014 as Herself
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