Nina Bara

as Young Cajun Woman in Cafe in the movie The Mummys Curse

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Real name is Frances Bauer
Was born at 3 May 1920 in Buenos Aires, Argentina . Died at 15 August 1990, Glendale, California, USA (cancer)

Beautiful Nina Bara born in Buenos Aires, Argentina was the daughter ofItalian ballet dancer Caroline Baur and an American father. Bara was anexpert in dialects and worked on radio shows, then, in the 1940s at MGMand 20th Century Fox as a contract player acting in Westerns anddramas. She will be most remembered by the Babyboomer generation forher role as the exotic Miss Tonga in the 1951 Space Patrol series. .

There is some small facts about Nina Bara:
  • Was "Miss EMMY" for the Award Presentation of February 18, 1952.
Also look some video clip about Nina Bara:
There is the list of movies, where Nina Bara was taked part:
1 The Mummys Curse movie The Mummys Curse 1944 as Young Cajun Woman in Cafe
2 Training for Trouble movie Training for Trouble 1947 as Actress having dinner
3 A Lady Without Passport movie A Lady Without Passport 1950 as Young Cuban Girl
4 Adventure movie Adventure 1945 as Girl
5 Black Hills movie Black Hills 1947 as Chiquita
6 Easy to Wed movie Easy to Wed 1946 as Rumba Dancer
7 Gilda movie Gilda 1946 as Girl at Carnival
8 Missile to the Moon movie Missile to the Moon 1958 as Alpha
9 Of Human Bondage movie Of Human Bondage 1946 as Model
10 Pan-Americana movie Pan-Americana 1945 as Miss Argentina
11 The Gay Senorita movie The Gay Senorita 1945 as Lupita
12 The Thrill of Brazil movie The Thrill of Brazil 1946 as Specialty Dancer
13 Three Daring Daughters movie Three Daring Daughters 1948 as Cuban Singer
14 Yolanda and the Thief movie Yolanda and the Thief 1945 as Chambermaid
15 General Electric Theater movie General Electric Theater 1953 as Maria
16 Space Patrol movie Space Patrol 1950 as Tonga
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