Olivia Barash

as Ruthie in the movie The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal

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Was born at 11 January 1965 (now is 53 years old) in Miami, Florida, USA

Olivia Barash has stepped behind the camera to make films. Her numerousyears of experience being directed by iconic filmmakers of hergeneration along with recording her original music for film and T. V. have paved the way of her new journey, creating content and directingdocumentary film, T.

V. /web-series, and music-videos with FalloutEntertainment. The launch of Barash's production company, OriginalPixel Cowboys is forthcoming. .

There is some small facts about Olivia Barash:
  • (February 2010) In Los Angeles, producing films. "The Compound" is her first project in development.
  • (January 2013) Los Angeles, CA, USA: Producing and writing for Now TV Live
  • (January 2009) In Los Angeles, producing a film in development called Unfiltered.
Also look some video clip about Olivia Barash:
There is the list of movies, where Olivia Barash was taked part:
1 The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal movie The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal 1979 as Ruthie
2 Theory of a Deadman: Drown movie Theory of a Deadman: Drown 2014 as Revivalist
3 ABC Afterschool Specials movie ABC Afterschool Specials 1972 as Eugenie Legrand
4 ABC Weekend Specials movie ABC Weekend Specials 1977 as Charlotte Cooper
5 Little House on the Prairie movie Little House on the Prairie 1974 as Sylvia Webb
6 American Hot Wax movie American Hot Wax 1978 as Susie
7 Blue Dream movie Blue Dream 2013 as Rachel Purviance
8 Child of Glass movie Child of Glass 1978 as Inez Dumaine
9 Dr. Alien movie Dr. Alien 1989 as Leeanne
10 Floundering movie Floundering 1994 as Ruthie
11 Grave Secrets movie Grave Secrets 1989 as Darla
12 Patty Hearst movie Patty Hearst 1988 as Fahizah
13 Perfect Fit movie Perfect Fit 2001 as Janet
14 Repo Chick movie Repo Chick 2009 as Railroad Employee
15 Repo Man movie Repo Man 1984 as Leila
16 Through the Magic Pyramid movie Through the Magic Pyramid 1981 as Baket
17 Tuff Turf movie Tuff Turf 1985 as Ronnie
18 21 Jump Street movie 21 Jump Street 1987 as Becky
19 A World Apart movie A World Apart 1969 as Louise (1970-1971)
20 Alice movie Alice 1976 as Melissa Lloyd
21 Charlies Angels movie Charlies Angels 1976 as Sam
22 Code R movie Code R 1977 as Jan
23 Disneyland movie Disneyland 1954 as Inez Dumaine
24 Fame movie Fame 1982 as Maxie (1986-1987)
25 In the Beginning movie In the Beginning 1978 as Willie
26 Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman movie Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 1976 as Brownie
27 Night Court movie Night Court 1984 as Mary Elaine Montgomery
28 Ohara movie Ohara 1987 as Rita Riley
29 One Day at a Time movie One Day at a Time 1975 as Olivia Birvey
30 Out of the Blue movie Out of the Blue 1979 as Laura Richards
31 Soap movie Soap 1977 as Molly
32 Spencer movie Spencer 1984 as Marsha
33 St. Elsewhere movie St. Elsewhere 1982 as Annette
34 The $10,000 Pyramid movie The #10,000 Pyramid 1973 as Herself
35 The Incredible Hulk movie The Incredible Hulk 1978 as Girl at Lake
36 The Secret Storm movie The Secret Storm 1954 as Lupita
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