Paola Barbara

as The King's Gouvernante in the movie Campo di maggio

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Real name is Paola Proto
Was born at 22 July 1912 in Rome, Lazio, Italy . Died at 2 October 1989, Rome, Lazio, Italy
There is some small facts about Paola Barbara:
  • Became a lay sister in her last years
  • Worked mostly in Spain during the war years, often with husband 'Primo Zeglio' .
Also look some video clip about Paola Barbara:
There is the list of movies, where Paola Barbara was taked part:
1 Campo di maggio movie Campo di maggio 1936 as The King's Gouvernante
2 El diablo también llora movie El diablo también llora 1965 as Ana's mother
3 Il re si diverte movie Il re si diverte 1941 as La duchessa di Cosse
4 Il segno del coyote movie Il segno del coyote 1963 as Mme Teodora Acevedo
5 Sheridan: Squadra omicidi movie Sheridan: Squadra omicidi 1967 as Margaret Horn
6 A Man Called Sledge movie A Man Called Sledge 1970 as Jade
7 Canne al vento movie Canne al vento 1958 as Baingia
8 Capitan Fantasma movie Capitan Fantasma 1953 as Soledad
9 Cavalca e uccidi movie Cavalca e uccidi 1964 as Mrs. Staffler
10 Confessione movie Confessione 1941 as Luisa Tolnay
11 Des pissenlits par la racine movie Des pissenlits par la racine 1964 as La comédienne qui joue Sonia
12 El sótano movie El sótano 1949 as Elena Bennett
13 Eran trecento... (La spigolatrice di Sapri) movie Eran trecento... (La spigolatrice di Sapri) 1952 as Sabina, la governante
14 Eravamo 7 sorelle movie Eravamo 7 sorelle 1939 as Lisa
15 Febbre movie Febbre 1943 as Marga
16 Follie del secolo movie Follie del secolo 1939 as Violette De Lys
17 I 4 inesorabili movie I 4 inesorabili 1965 as Señora Terry
18 I cavalieri dalle maschere nere (I beati paoli) movie I cavalieri dalle maschere nere (I beati paoli) 1948 as Madame de la Motte
19 I due violenti movie I due violenti 1964 as Madre de Ann
20 I figli non si vendono movie I figli non si vendono 1952 as Signora Elena Dazzeni
21 I piaceri del sabato notte movie I piaceri del sabato notte 1960 as La signora Masetti - la madre di Paola e Silvana
22 Il bravo di Venezia movie Il bravo di Venezia 1941 as Leonora
23 Il coraggio movie Il coraggio 1955 as Anna Paoloni
24 Il ponte dei sospiri movie Il ponte dei sospiri 1940 as Madonna Imperia
25 Il trionfo dellamore movie Il trionfo dellamore 1938 as Giovanna
26 Irene, Irene movie Irene, Irene 1975 as Lady at hospital
27 Killer, adios movie Killer, adios 1968 as Bill's sister
28 Lalbergo degli assenti movie Lalbergo degli assenti 1939 as Renata
29 La cavallina storna movie La cavallina storna 1953 as Matilde Pascoli
30 La danza del fuoco movie La danza del fuoco 1943 as Elena di Vigliè
31 La figlia del diavolo movie La figlia del diavolo 1952 as Donna Giulia
32 La figlia del mendicante movie La figlia del mendicante 1950 as Fanny, amante di Giorgio
33 La granduchessa si diverte movie La granduchessa si diverte 1940 as Mariella, La granduchessa & Fanny, la ballerina
34 La nao capitana movie La nao capitana 1947 as Doña Estrella
35 La peccatrice movie La peccatrice 1940 as Maria Ferrante
36 La pródiga movie La pródiga 1946 as Julia Castro Alarcón
37 Le sette sfide movie Le sette sfide 1961 as Deniza
38 Lotte nellombra movie Lotte nellombra 1938 as Olga
39 Menage allitaliana movie Menage allitaliana 1965 as Egle's Mother
40 Napoli che non muore movie Napoli che non muore 1939 as Teresa
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