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as Mary, the Sister of Martha in the movie The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd

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Emilee Barber was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is of English,Irish, French, and German descent. Emilee was introduced to acting atage 4 in a theatre for pre-schoolers class. Emilee loved actingimmediately and began memorizing entire scenes from films as well as TVcommercials.

At age 9 she signed with the McCarty Talent Agency in SaltLake City, Utah. Emilee's first featured role, "the Love Interest", wasin a film made for The Mew Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Chaneltitled "My Life as a Babysitter". Emilee acted in several stageproductions throughout Jr. and Sr. High Schools, "Roxane" in Cyrano DeeBergerac, "Cobwebb" in A Midsummer Night's Dream, "Cassie Cooper" inRumors, "Katie Keller" in The Miracle Worker, as well as "Juliet" inRomeo and Juliet and "Desdemona" in Othello in a mini ShakespeareFestival.

Upon graduating high school Emilee was cast to act along sideSummer Phoenix, Clea Duvall, and Glen Fitzgerald in Take it Like a Mandirected by Kimberly Pierce for the Sundance Filmakers Lab. Emileewould later return to the Sundance Filmakers Lab for several moreacting experiences such as, playing "Stephanie" in the Silent Raven,directed by Princess Peter-Rabbof; acting along side Jake Gyllenhaaland Adam Haan-Byrd in Mudge Boy as "Tanya" directed by Michael Burke. Emilee was accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC) butturned it down in order to study Shakespeare at the University ofCambridge in their Shakespeare Summer School in 1999. One of herclasses allowed her and her classmates to rehearse scene work on thestage at the Globe Theatre in London. This was a dream come true forEmilee.

Emilee returned to the University of Cambridge in 2001 to takepart in their International Summer school, again studying Shakespeare. In 2006 Emilee graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Film. Emilee acted as "Marie" in A Kiss Remembered. A Kiss Rememberedcompeted in the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. Emilee acted as"Crystal" in Twice Today, directed by Josh Taeaolii, competed in theAngel Citi Film Festival in 2001.

Emilee Barber is an American actress of English, Irish, French, andGerman descent. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 6, 1979,Emilee began acting at age 4 when her mother enrolled her in a theatrefor pre-schoolers class. Emilee fell in love with the art of acting andwould memorize entire scenes from films and TV commercials. At age 9Emilee was signed with the McCarty Talent Agency in Salt Lake City,Utah. Her first featured part was at age 11 in a film made for theDisney Channel's "The New Mickey Mouse Club" titled, "My Life as aBabysitter" in which she played "the love interest".

This part openedher eyes to the world of film, which stole her heart immediately. Shecontinued to build her resume in both theatre and film. Her stagecredits include: "Roxane" in Cyrano de Bergerac, "Katie Keller" in TheMiracle Worker, "Cassie Cooper" in Rumors, "Desdemona" in Othello (miniShakespeare festival) and "Juliet" in Romeo and Juliet (miniShakespeare festival). Emilee was accepted to the American Academy ofDramatic Arts (NYC) but turned it down to study Shakespeare at theUniversity of Cambridge (1999 and 2001). Here she acted on the stage atthe Globe Theatre for one of her theatre courses.

Emilee received a BAin Film from the University of Utah (2006). Emilee grew as an actressby working with many talented directors and actors. In 1997 Emilee wascast to play the role of "Dariah" in episode #204 of the TV showPromised Land, this episode was directed by Gene Reynolds. Emilee wascast to act along side Summer Phoenix, Clea Duvall, and GlennFitzgerald in Take it Like a Man directed by Kimberly Pierce at theSundance Filmaker's Lab. Emilee would return to the Sundance Filmaker'sLab several times, work there includes: acting with Jake Gyllenhaal andAdam Haan-Byrd in Mudge Boy playing the role of "Tanya" directed byMichael Burke; "Stephanie" in The Silent Raven, directed by PrincessPeter Rabbof; playing a small part in a piece directed by John CameronMitchell.

Emilee played the role of "Marie" in a WW2 short, A KissRemembered, directed by Darrin Fletcher, this film competed in the 2002Sundance Film Festival. Emilee acted as "Crystal" in the film TwiceToday, directed by Josh Taeaolii, this film competed at the 2001 AngelCiti Film Festival. .

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There is the list of movies, where Emilee Barber was taked part:
1 The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd movie The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd 2000 as Mary, the Sister of Martha
2 A Kiss Remembered movie A Kiss Remembered 2002 as Marie
3 Twice Today movie Twice Today 2001 as Crystal Harrington
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