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as Tangerine in the movie The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

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Was born at 22 January 1972 (now is 47 years old) in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Katie Barberi began her professional career at age ten. After havingsustained a successful career as a teen aged actress in Hollywood, shethen embarked on a second career: acting in Latin-American"telenovelas. " It is a little known fact that Latin "soaps" areactually aired in over 40 countries as prime-time series. This affordedKatie the opportunity to become a very well known prime-time actress inthe Latin market.

She is 100% bilingual (English and Spanish) and isvery grateful to have the benefits of being a part of two differentcultures. Katie is now considered a Veteran of the Telenovela Genre,having completed nineteen of them for Televisa, Telemundo andUnivision. Katie is also very proud to have this year completed overthree hundred episodes and seven seasons of the NickelodeonInternational mega-hit "Grachi" and its United States version forNickelodeon, "Every Witch Way. " In both English and Spanish, Katieplayed the funny, shoe obsessed mother of "Maddie/Matilda", "Ursula. "Katie also completed a pilot this year for Red Dove Media called "TheBlexicans", in which she plays proud Mexican matriarch Lydia Ortegaalongside Rick Najera, Marla Gibbs, Richard Gant and Rolonda Watts,among others.


There is some small facts about Katie Barberi:
  • (April 2005) After creating a successful career as a star of Latin Telenovelas in Mexico with "Televisa", she returned to the US in 2003. She is currently in LA in pre-production on a film, and owns a home in Florida.
  • (January 2000) Living in Mexico
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There is the list of movies, where Katie Barberi was taked part:
1 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie movie The Garbage Pail Kids Movie 1987 as Tangerine
2 El Amor No Tiene Precio movie El Amor No Tiene Precio 2005 as Engracia Alexander 'La Chacala'
3 La marca del deseo movie La marca del deseo 2007 as Digna de Santibáñez
4 Por tu amor movie Por tu amor 1999 as Miranda Narváez de Durán
5 Rebeca movie Rebeca 2003 as Regina Montalbán de Santander
6 Appearances movie Appearances 1990 as Deanne Kinsella
7 Every Witch Way: Spellbound movie Every Witch Way: Spellbound 2014 as Ursula Van Pelt
8 Ferris Buellers Day Off movie Ferris Buellers Day Off 1986 as Economics Student
9 Not Quite Human II movie Not Quite Human II 1989 as Roberta
10 Perdita Durango movie Perdita Durango 1997 as Stewardess
11 Reaching the Sea movie Reaching the Sea 2014 as Julia
12 Spooner movie Spooner 1989 as Caroline
13 The Arrangement movie The Arrangement 2013 as Supervisor
14 Us movie Us 1991 as Barb
15 Yaqui indomable movie Yaqui indomable 1995 as Nancy
16 Acapulco Bay movie Acapulco Bay 1995 as Maura
17 Alguna vez tendremos alas movie Alguna vez tendremos alas 1997 as Isabel Ontiveros de Lamas
18 All Is Forgiven movie All Is Forgiven 1986 as Cassie
19 Alondra movie Alondra 1995 as Rebecca Montes de Oca
20 Bella Calamidades movie Bella Calamidades 2009 as Silvana Barbosa de Cardona
21 Beverly Hills Buntz movie Beverly Hills Buntz 1987 as Toni
22 Burn Notice movie Burn Notice 2007 as Ms. Arnold
23 Carita de ángel movie Carita de ángel 2000 as Noelia
24 Conan movie Conan 1997 as High Priestess
25 Confesiones de novela (2011) movie Confesiones de novela (2011) 2011 as (2011)
26 Corazón Valiente movie Corazón Valiente 2012 as Perla Navarro
27 Divorce Court movie Divorce Court 1984 as Patty Getz
28 Doña Bárbara movie Doña Bárbara 2008 as Cecilia Vergel
29 El Fantasma de Elena movie El Fantasma de Elena 2010 as Rebeca Santander de Girón
30 El gordo y la flaca movie El gordo y la flaca 1998 as Herself
31 El privilegio de amar movie El privilegio de amar 1998 as Paula
32 Eva La Trailera movie Eva La Trailera 2016 as Cinthia Monteverde
33 Every Witch Way movie Every Witch Way 2014 as Ursula Van Pelt
34 FBI: The Untold Stories movie FBI: The Untold Stories 1991 as Tricia
35 Freddys Nightmares movie Freddys Nightmares 1988 as Connie
36 Grachi movie Grachi 2011 as Úrsula
37 Inocente de ti movie Inocente de ti 2004 as Mayte Dalmacci Rionda
38 Its Your Move movie Its Your Move 1984 as Michelle
39 La casa en la playa movie La casa en la playa 2000 as Florencia Uribe
40 Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán movie Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán 2011 as Victoria 'Vicky' de Noriega
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