Joan Barclay

as Mrs. Howard in the movie Billy the Kids Smoking Guns

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Real name is Mary Elizabeth Greear
Also known as Mary Elizabeth Sullivan
Was born at 31 August 1914 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA . Died at 22 November 2002, Palm Desert, California, USA (natural causes)

Born Mary Elizabeth Greear, the actress best known as Joan Barclay cameout to Hollywood when her mother, anxious to leave Minnesota's coldclimate, put "Florida" and "California" in a hat and let young MaryElizabeth draw. One of her earliest acting jobs was a role in The Gaucho (1927) with 'Douglas Fairbanks (I)' , who wantedto make her his next leading lady even though she was only 12(!). Shewas under contract to Warners in the early 1930s and to RKO in the1940s, and co-starred in many "B" westerns and serials in the interim. She left movies in the mid-'40s to marry a wealthy man in therent-a-car business, the first of her three husbands.


There is some small facts about Joan Barclay:
  • Titian-haired beauty billed as Geraine Greear for several years before taking on the name "Joan Barclay".
  • Tutored. Never went to public school.
  • Friend of 'Clara Bow (I)' .
  • Interred at Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
  • Had two children by husband Paul Hillman, Lloyd and Donna. Her son died in a car accident in 1967.
  • Married three times. First husband, Paul Fitzgerald, was a Marine. Second husband, and the father of her two children, Leroy D. Hillman, was an heir to a family fortune. Her marriage to third husband, George Sullivan, lasted 18 years until his death.
  • Played featured or leading lady to many westerns film greats: 'Tom Tyler (I)' , 'Buster Crabbe' , 'Tim McCoy (I)' , 'Rex Bell (I)' , 'Ken Maynard (I)' , 'Kermit Maynard' , 'Tim Holt (I)' , 'Bob Steele (I)' and 'Hoot Gibson' .
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There is the list of movies, where Joan Barclay was taked part:
1 Billy the Kids Smoking Guns movie Billy the Kids Smoking Guns 1942 as Mrs. Howard
2 Blossoms in the Dust movie Blossoms in the Dust 1941 as Guest at First Party
3 Harris in the Spring movie Harris in the Spring 1937 as Norman's Girlfriend
4 The Gentleman from Arizona movie The Gentleman from Arizona 1939 as Georgia Coburn
5 The Kid Ranger movie The Kid Ranger 1936 as Mary Brokaw aka Mary Mason
6 Ziegfeld Girl movie Ziegfeld Girl 1941 as Actress in Slayton's Office
7 42nd Street movie 42nd Street 1933 as Chorus Girl
8 Amateur Crook movie Amateur Crook 1937 as Betsy Cummings - alias Mary Layton
9 Around the World movie Around the World 1943 as Joan Barclay
10 Baby Face movie Baby Face 1933 as Job Seeker
11 Bandit Ranger movie Bandit Ranger 1942 as Sally Mattison
12 Billy the Kids Range War movie Billy the Kids Range War 1941 as Ellen Gorman
13 Billy the Kids Round-Up movie Billy the Kids Round-Up 1941 as Betty Webster
14 Black Dragons movie Black Dragons 1942 as Alice Saunders
15 Bombardier movie Bombardier 1943 as Buck's Secretary
16 Carnival Day movie Carnival Day 1936 as Peggy
17 Colleen movie Colleen 1936 as Cafe Guest
18 Convicts Code movie Convicts Code 1939 as Elaine
19 Feud of the West movie Feud of the West 1936 as Molly Henderson
20 Finishing School movie Finishing School 1934 as Student
21 Flying Wild movie Flying Wild 1941 as Helen
22 Gang Bullets movie Gang Bullets 1938 as Girlfriend
23 Gildersleeves Bad Day movie Gildersleeves Bad Day 1943 as Julie Potter
24 Gold Diggers of 1933 movie Gold Diggers of 1933 1933 as Gold Digger
25 Island Captives movie Island Captives 1937 as Helen Carsons
26 King of Jazz movie King of Jazz 1930 as Chorine
27 Ladies Day movie Ladies Day 1943 as Joan Samuels
28 Lightning Carson Rides Again movie Lightning Carson Rides Again 1938 as Sally - Paul Smith's Sweetheart
29 Love Crazy movie Love Crazy 1941 as Telephone Operator
30 Madame Du Barry movie Madame Du Barry 1934 as Girl in Field with Flowers
31 Man of Iron movie Man of Iron 1935 as Party Guest
32 Man-I-Cured movie Man-I-Cured 1941 as Betty, the nephew's girl friend
33 Men of the Plains movie Men of the Plains 1936 as Laura Long
34 Mexican Spitfires Blessed Event movie Mexican Spitfires Blessed Event 1943 as Minor Role
35 Million Dollar Racket movie Million Dollar Racket 1937 as Molly Henessey
36 Moonlight on the Prairie movie Moonlight on the Prairie 1935 as Saloon Girl
37 Mr. Wise Guy movie Mr. Wise Guy 1942 as Ann Mitchell
38 Music in Manhattan movie Music in Manhattan 1944 as Chorus Girl
39 My Pal Wolf movie My Pal Wolf 1944 as Willie, Mrs. Anstey's Secretary
40 Outlaws Paradise movie Outlaws Paradise 1939 as Jessie Treadwell
There is the list of interview of Joan Barclay:
  • "Classic Images" (USA), May 2015, Iss. 479, pg. 68-75+77, by: Laura Wagner with Tom Weaver, "Joan Barclay--Working on Poverty Row"
There is the list of some quotes of Joan Barclay:
  • The one who was the nicest to me was ['James Cagney (I)' ]. He used to take me and sit me down in his dressing room at Warners and say, "Now, Geraine, you have an opportunity here that you seem not to realize. You should go take acting lessons, singing lessons, dancing lessons, and you could become a star." I said, "Well, yeah, Jimmy, thanks a lot, I'll do that." And of course it went in one ear and out the other, I didn't do one darn thing about it. I was just frivolous-minded, and as long as I was working and making money, I didn't mind just being a nobody.
  • The shooting was fast and hectic in those days. I was used to it, and I enjoyed it.
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