Vanessa Barco

as Carla Corona 2010 in the movie Americas Most Wanted

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Vanessa Barco is an actress, is a member of Fierce Backbone TheaterCompany , has also worked in film working opposite'C. Thomas Howell' and 'James Duval (I)' in the Indie HorrorComedy Beast Mode (2015) . Her most recent work was in thethriller The Bride He Bought Online (2015) directed by'Christine Conradt' playing the role of Wendy, the cute waitresswhich premiered on Lifetime Television. When audiences saw her in Leslie Hardy's play production , The Big Blue;at The Complex Theater,Los Angeles 2015, playing the comedic role ofMargie; a woman desperate to be loved .

The audience said herperformance was heartfelt and beautiful to watch. She has been trainedby Matthew Barry,Chris Game and many other classical mentors. Vanessaenjoys her spare time reading books and painting while listening toinspirational music. Many of her art works have been showcased in LosAngeles. .

There is some small facts about Vanessa Barco:
  • Vanessa is an improvisational expressionistic abstract painter.
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There is the list of movies, where Vanessa Barco was taked part:
1 Americas Most Wanted movie Americas Most Wanted 1988 as Carla Corona 2010
2 Beast Mode movie Beast Mode 2015 as Karla Kow
3 The Bride He Bought Online movie The Bride He Bought Online 2015 as Wendy
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