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as Leota Van Cleef in the movie Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops

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Real name is Margaret Schuyler Fisher
Also known as The Girl with the Million Dollar FigureThe Woo Woo Girl
Was born at 18 December 1917 in Roanoke, Virginia, USA . Died at 20 November 1989, Santa Barbara, California, USA (heart attack)

A curvaceous, dark-haired WWII pin-up beauty (aka "The Woo Woo Girl" and"The Girl with the Million Dollar Figure"), "B" film star Lynn Bari hadthe requisite looks and talent but few of the lucky breaks needed topenetrate the "A" rankings during her extensive Hollywood career. Nevertheless, some worthy performances of hers stand out in late-nightviewings. She was born with the elite-sounding name of Margaret Schuyler Fisher onDecember 18, 1913 (various sources also list 1915, 1917 and 1919), inRoanoke, Virginia. She and her younger brother, John, moved with theirmother to Boston following the death of their father in 1926.

Hermother remarried, this time to a minister, and the family relocatedonce again when her stepfather was assigned a ministry in California(the Institute of Religious Science in Los Angeles). Paying her dues for years as a snappy bit-part chorine, secretary, partygirl and/or glorified extra while being groomed as a starlet undercontract to MGM and Fox, her first released film was the MGM comedy Meet the Baron (1933) , in which she provided typical windowdressing as a collegiate. For the next few years there was littlegrowth at either studio, as she was usually standing amidst others incrowd scenes and looking excited. Finally in Lancer Spy (1937) ,she received her first billing on screen for a minor part as "MissFenwick". Though more bit parts were to dribble in, the year 1938proved to be her breakthrough year.

She finally gained some groundplaying the "other woman" role in glossy soaps and musicals, firstgiving 'Barbara Stanwyck' some trouble in Always Goodbye (1938) . Fox Studios finally handed her some smart co-leads and top supports insuch second-tier films as Return of the Cisco Kid (1939) , Pack Up Your Troubles (1939) , Hotel for Women (1939) , and Hollywood Cavalcade (1939) . Anxiously waiting for "the big one",she made do with her strong looks, tending toward unsympathetic parts. She enjoyed the attention she received playing disparaging societyladies, divas, villainesses, and even a strong-willed prairie flower insuch films as Pier 13 (1940) , Earthbound (1940) , Kit Carson (1940) , and Sun Valley Serenade (1941) , butthey did little to advance her in the ranks. The very best role of her frisky career came with the grade "A" comedy The Magnificent Dope (1942) , in which she shared top billingwith 'Henry Fonda' and 'Don Ameche' .

But good roles were hardto find in Lynn's case, and she good-naturedly took whatever was givenher. Other above-average movies (she appeared in well over 150) of thisperiod came with China Girl (1942) , Hello Frisco, Hello (1943) , The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1944) , and Nocturne (1946) . With diminishing offers for film parts by the 1950s, she started leaningheavily towards stage and TV work. She continued her career until thelate '60s and then retired. Her last work included the film The Young Runaways (1968) and TV episodes of "The Girl fromU.

N. C. L. E. " and "The F.

B. I. " Divorced three times in all, husband #2was volatile manager/producer 'Sidney Luft' , better known as'Judy Garland' 's hubby years later, who was the father of her onlychild. Her third husband was a doctor/psychiatrist, and she worked ashis nurse for quite some time. They divorced in 1972.

Plagued byarthritis in later years, Bari passed away from heart problems onNovember 20, 1989. Although she may have been labeled a "B" leadinglady, she definitely was in the "A" ranks when it came to class andbeauty. .

There is some small facts about Lynn Bari:
  • Son with 'Sidney Luft' , John Michael Luft (b. 18 September 1948).
  • While on the set of Shock (1946) one day, she was talking with co-star 'Anabel Shaw' and mentioned that she was a direct descendant, on her mother's side, of Revolutionary War hero Alexander Hamilton. Shaw revealed that she was a direct descendant of Aaron Burr--the man who killed Hamilton in the famous duel.
  • Her stage name was derived from the names of stage legend 'Lynn Fontanne' and author 'J.M. Barrie' (without the second "r" and the "e").
  • She was tested for the prime female role in Blood and Sand (1941) opposite 'Tyrone Power' but lost the part because her dancing skills were below par. 'Rita Hayworth' won the role and Lynn was cast as Tyrone's sister instead.
  • Lynn had two children by former husband 'Sidney Luft' , who later married and divorced 'Judy Garland' . Her first, a daughter, was born in August of 1945 but died shortly thereafter. Lynn never quite got over the loss. Her second child, John Michael, was born on 18 September 1948.
  • Second only to 'Betty Grable' in WWII pin-up popularity according to a GI's poll taken at the time.
  • Profiled in "Killer Tomatoes: Fifteen Tough Film Dames" by Ray Hagen and Laura Wagner (McFarland, 2004).
  • Profiled in "Hollywood Players: The Thirties" by 'James Robert Parish' and William T. Leonard, 1976.
  • Upon her death, she was cremated with her ashes scattered at sea.
  • Was friends with 'Alice Faye (I)' , 'Vivian Blaine (I)' , 'Jean Rogers (I)' , 'Dana Andrews (I)' , 'Roddy McDowall' , and 'Mary Beth Hughes' .
  • She was a staunch Republican who gave much of her time and money towards various conservative political causes. She also attended several Republican National Conventions, fund-raisers, galas, was an honorary member of the Republican National Committee, and was active in the campaigns of 'Herbert Hoover (I)' , 'Wendell Willkie' , 'Thomas E. Dewey' , 'Dwight D. Eisenhower' , 'Richard Nixon' , and 'Ronald Reagan (I)' .
  • She was a fan of jazz legend 'Anita O'Day (I)' .
  • According to a 1987 interview by Colin Briggs, published in Classic Images, April 2016, Lynn Bari confirmed the date of her birth as 19 December 1919; she graduated from Beverly Hills grammar school in the spring of 1933.
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There is the list of movies, where Lynn Bari was taked part:
1 Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops movie Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops 1955 as Leota Van Cleef
2 Captain Eddie movie Captain Eddie 1945 as Adelaide Frost Rickenbacker
3 Charlie Chan in Shanghai movie Charlie Chan in Shanghai 1935 as Second Hotel Switchboard Operator
4 Fifteen Maiden Lane movie Fifteen Maiden Lane 1936 as Crowd Scene Participant
5 Francis Joins the WACS movie Francis Joins the WACS 1954 as Maj. Louise Simpson
6 Gentle Julia movie Gentle Julia 1936 as Young Lady Outside Church/Jealous Girl at Dance
7 Has Anybody Seen My Gal movie Has Anybody Seen My Gal 1952 as Harriet Blaisdell
8 Id Climb the Highest Mountain movie Id Climb the Highest Mountain 1951 as Mrs. Billywith
9 Love Is News movie Love Is News 1937 as 'Babe' - Switchboard Operator
10 Man from Texas movie Man from Texas 1948 as Zee Simms, alias Zee Heath
11 On the Avenue movie On the Avenue 1937 as Chorus Girl/Mrs. Mary Jackson
12 Orchids to You movie Orchids to You 1935 as Southern Belle Shop Patron
13 Search for Beauty movie Search for Beauty 1934 as Beauty Contestant Entrant
14 Sing, Baby, Sing movie Sing, Baby, Sing 1936 as Hotel Telephone Operator
15 The Bridge of San Luis Rey movie The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1944 as Michaela Villegas
16 The Great Hotel Murder movie The Great Hotel Murder 1935 as Wilson's Receptionist
17 The Night Before the Divorce movie The Night Before the Divorce 1942 as Lynn Nordyke
18 This Is My Affair movie This Is My Affair 1937 as Party Guest with Keller
19 Wee Willie Winkie movie Wee Willie Winkie 1937 as Crowd Scene Participant
20 Screen Directors Playhouse movie Screen Directors Playhouse 1955 as Hattie Mae Warren
21 $10 Raise movie #10 Raise 1935 as Secretary
22 36 Hours to Kill movie 36 Hours to Kill 1936 as Traveler
23 365 Nights in Hollywood movie 365 Nights in Hollywood 1934 as Showgirl
24 45 Fathers movie 45 Fathers 1937 as Telephone Operator
25 Ali Baba Goes to Town movie Ali Baba Goes to Town 1937 as Harem Girl
26 Always Goodbye movie Always Goodbye 1938 as Jessica Reid
27 Battle of Broadway movie Battle of Broadway 1938 as Marjorie Clark
28 Blood and Sand movie Blood and Sand 1941 as Encarnacion
29 Bottoms Up movie Bottoms Up 1934 as Chorine
30 Café Metropole movie Café Metropole 1937 as Cafe Patron
31 Caravan movie Caravan 1934 as Blonde Gypsy Girl at Inn
32 Charlie Chan in Paris movie Charlie Chan in Paris 1935 as Club Patron
33 Charter Pilot movie Charter Pilot 1940 as Marge Duncan
34 Chasing Danger movie Chasing Danger 1939 as Renée Claire
35 China Girl movie China Girl 1942 as Captain Fifi
36 City Girl movie City Girl 1938 as Waitress
37 City in Darkness movie City in Darkness 1939 as Marie Dubon
38 City of Chance movie City of Chance 1940 as Julie Reynolds
39 Coming-Out Party movie Coming-Out Party 1934 as Party Guest
40 Crack-Up movie Crack-Up 1936 as Office Worker
There is the list of some printed articles of Margaret Schuyler Fisher:
  • "Yank" (USA), 13 October 1944
There is the list of some quotes of Lynn Bari:
  • [on her nickname of "The Woo Woo Girl"] I guess the top brass thought I was a lady 'Hugh Herbert' , but the audiences, the public, continue to remember me, and what greater accolade can an actress get?
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