Colette Barker

as Helen Burns in the movie In Search of the Brontës

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There is the list of movies, where Colette Barker was taked part:
1 In Search of the Brontës movie In Search of the Brontës 2003 as Helen Burns
2 Giro City movie Giro City 1982 as Annie Davies
3 All for Love movie All for Love 1982 as Lizzie Coles
4 Crossroads movie Crossroads 1964 as Tracey Hobbs (1985)
5 Jane Eyre movie Jane Eyre 1983 as Helen Burns
6 Menace Unseen movie Menace Unseen 1988 as Stacey
7 Objects of Affection movie Objects of Affection 1982 as Margaret
8 Shine on Harvey Moon movie Shine on Harvey Moon 1982 as Doreen
9 Summer Season movie Summer Season 1985 as Tulie
10 There Comes a Time movie There Comes a Time 1985 as Jane James
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