Corinne Barker

as Sophy McGurn in the movie The Peace of Roaring River

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Real name is Corinne Riely Barker
Was born at 5 June 1890 in Salem, Oregon, USA . Died at 6 August 1928, New York City, New York, USA
There is some small facts about Corinne Barker:
  • An important Vitagraph Company star in the 1910's, Barker was famous for her hourglass figure.
  • Served as the costume director for the original cast production of "No, No Nanette" (1926). Also appeared on Broadway as an actress.
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There is the list of movies, where Corinne Barker was taked part:
1 The Peace of Roaring River movie The Peace of Roaring River 1919 as Sophy McGurn
2 The Silent Barrier movie The Silent Barrier 1920 as Millicent Jacques
3 Enchantment movie Enchantment 1921 as Nalia McCabe
4 Money Mad movie Money Mad 1918 as Fanette
5 One Week of Life movie One Week of Life 1919 as Lola Canby
6 Pecks Bad Girl movie Pecks Bad Girl 1918 as Hortense Martinot
7 The Broken Melody movie The Broken Melody 1919 as Mrs. Drexel Trask
8 The Climbers movie The Climbers 1919 as Julia Godesby
9 The Golden Shower movie The Golden Shower 1919 as Gaby
10 The Restless Sex movie The Restless Sex 1920 as Helen Davis
11 Why Girls Leave Home movie Why Girls Leave Home 1921 as Ethel - a Golddigger
There is the list of some articles of Corinne Barker:
  • "Moving Picture World" (USA), 7 August 1920, pg. 706, "Hobart Henley Weds Suddenly Before Sailing for Europe"
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