Eleonora Barna

as Nina de Villiers in the movie Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science

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Growing up in the former Yugoslavia, Eleonora showed all the signs of aremarkably passionate and versatile performer, always keeping heralarmed parents on their toes. Her endless energy found an outlettrough competitive rhythmic gymnastics, and her dedication and focusbrought her numerous medals and awards. Born to Hungarian parents in a Slavic country, Eleonora was brought upbilingual, and later learned German in school. Long before she spoke aword of English, she was lip-syncing to Abba and was performingone-woman shows for her family and friends.

From an early age it wasevident that Eleonora was born to perform. At age fourteen Eleonora andher family immigrated to Canada, which proved a trying time ofreadjustment. She left her innocent small town behind and plunged intoan unforeseen future that forced her to mature quickly. Times weretough but she was tougher. Determination and hard work payed off, andupon graduation from the Claude Watson School for performing Arts inToronto, Eleonora set off to Montreal to pursue a higher education inchoreography and contemporary dance at Concordia University.

Acombination of intense classes, frequent performances and the exposureto an eclectic department and a vibrant city enabled Eleonora tocreatively experiment and express her original artistic vision. Hereducation opened possibilities beyond dance, and upon returning toToronto Eleonora began honing her skills as an actor. Since receivingher BFA, She quickly proved herself in numerous stage, film,television, and voice-over roles. Parts ranging from a bubbly teenagerto a tormented victim of domestic violence attest to Eleonora'sremarkably intuitive ability to identify with a wide range of humanexperience. She gives voice to many dialects and age groups, drawingfrom her natural flair for languages and her colorful vocal range.

Eleonora is an actor of deep intelligence, with an intriguing quit coreof integrity and charm. She is affected with her roles and infuses themwith passion and truth. Recently moved to Los Angeles, Eleonora looksforeword to continued success at home and anticipates boundlessinternational opportunities. .

There is some small facts about Eleonora Barna:
  • Fluent in 5 Languages: English, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian and German.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University.
  • Plays guitar and Dumbeck.
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There is the list of movies, where Eleonora Barna was taked part:
1 Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science movie Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science 1997 as Nina de Villiers
2 Carusos Crew movie Carusos Crew 2013 as Janice
3 Charlie Valentine movie Charlie Valentine 2009 as Ferucci's Dancer
4 Cromwell movie Cromwell 2008 as Nikki
5 Dangerous Heroes movie Dangerous Heroes 2000 as Mary
6 Darkness Falling movie Darkness Falling 2003 as Coatcheck girl #2
7 Dating Games movie Dating Games 2009 as Monica
8 Desert Desire movie Desert Desire 2009 as Angelica
9 Due Process movie Due Process 2006 as Karen Zagruder
10 Good Satan movie Good Satan 2012 as Jezebel
11 Love, Guns & Christmas movie Love, Guns & Christmas 2015 as Lucy
12 Ninja Cheerleaders movie Ninja Cheerleaders 2008 as Gypsy Dancer
13 One Hour Fantasy Girl movie One Hour Fantasy Girl 2009 as Prostitute
14 Paranormal Adoption movie Paranormal Adoption 2012 as New Mom
15 Pio and the Cracks movie Pio and the Cracks 2003 as Maggie
16 Pros & Cons movie Pros & Cons 2009 as Zara
17 The Lady of Names movie The Lady of Names 2011 as Sorrow
18 Mob Stories movie Mob Stories 2002 as Nurse
19 Pit Boss movie Pit Boss 2010 as Herself
There is the list of some articles of Eleonora Barna:
  • "LA Times" (USA), 2008, pg. 1, by: YoMama, "The short Set: It's Magic!"
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