Margit Barnay

as Gravin Alexandra Andronowitsch in the movie Alexandra

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Real name is Margit Jana Rosenstock
Was born at 5 April 1896 in Berlin, Germany . Died at 11 January 1974, Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany
There is some small facts about Margit Barnay:
  • Art was part of her family - her mother was the singer and painter Lolo Barnay, her grandfather was the singer Ludwig Barnay - and her artistic way was quasi preassigned.
  • During the National Socialism she was classified as 3/4 Jewish which made it impossible for a possible comeback. That not more has befallen her like deportation was thanks to her marriage with the architect Hans Schmidt-Werden who was regarded as "indispensable" for the rebuilding after bombing raids on Germany. So his family was protected as well.
  • After an education in music and painting she was engaged by movie director Siegfried Dessauer.
  • Her daughter Sybil Werden became an actress and dancer.
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There is the list of movies, where Margit Barnay was taked part:
1 Alexandra movie Alexandra 1922 as Gravin Alexandra Andronowitsch
2 Das schöne Mädel movie Das schöne Mädel 1923 as Tochter der Götts
3 Begierde movie Begierde 1921 as Katja Nastjenko
4 Bigamie movie Bigamie 1922 as Lisawetha
5 Brigantenrache movie Brigantenrache 1922 as Wirtstochter
6 Der Knabe in Blau movie Der Knabe in Blau 1919 as Junge Schauspielerin/Young actress
7 Der Sieg der Jugend movie Der Sieg der Jugend 1927 as Baronin Wallburg
8 Die Maske des Todes - 2. Das Geheimnis der Zisterne movie Die Maske des Todes - 2. Das Geheimnis der Zisterne 1920 as Nutte und Herzogin Bianca
9 Die schwarze Paula movie Die schwarze Paula 1922 as Paula
10 Die siebtente Nacht movie Die siebtente Nacht 1922 as Miss Maud
11 Frauen, die die Ehe brechen movie Frauen, die die Ehe brechen 1922 as Sonja
12 Ich bin Du movie Ich bin Du 1921 as Astrid
13 Ich hatt einen Kameraden movie Ich hatt einen Kameraden 1923 as Dorothee
14 In der Heimat, da gibts ein Wiedersehn! movie In der Heimat, da gibts ein Wiedersehn! 1926 as Herta
15 Nur eine Nacht movie Nur eine Nacht 1922 as Lonya
16 Satanas movie Satanas 1920 as Phahi - die Frau des Pharao
17 Uriel Acosta movie Uriel Acosta 1920 as Judith
18 Zwei unterm Himmelszelt movie Zwei unterm Himmelszelt 1927 as Dorothy, seine Frau
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