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as Sybil Barton in the movie Angels with Broken Wings

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Real name is Gittel Enoyce Barnes (later called Gertrude Maude Barnes)
Also known as Texas Binnie Barnes
Was born at 25 March 1903 in Finsbury, London, England, UK . Died at 27 July 1998, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (natural causes)

British-born actress who appeared in both British and American films,but who found her greatest success in Hollywood second leads. After avariety of jobs, including nurse, chorus girl and milkmaid, Barnesentered vaudeville. She appeared in more than a score of short comedieswith comedian 'Stanley Lupino' before making her feature bow in1931. Two years later she achieved prominence as one of the half-dozenwives of the King in The Private Life of Henry VIII.

(1933) . Thefollowing year she moved to Hollywood and began a career as thesmart-aleck pal of the lead or as the angry "other woman. " Barnes alsoplayed numerous leading roles, but spent most of the 1930s and 40s instrong supporting parts. In 1940 she married football star (and laterproducer) 'M. J.

Frankovich' and after the war, they moved to Italyand appeared in several films there and elsewhere in Europe. Sheretired from films in 1954, but returned for a few roles in the late60s and early 70s. She worked busily with numerous charities until herdeath in 1998. Her early work, beginning at age 15, included milkmaid, nurse, chorusgirl, dance hostess and a vaudeville rope-twirling act in which she wasknown as "Texas Binnie Barnes. " Her acting debut, with'Charles Laughton' , was in 1929 in Silver Tassie; her film debutwas the English movie Night in Montmartre (1931) .

She did 26comedy shorts with 'Stanley Lupino' , which led to her playingCatherine Howard in Laughton's The Private Life of Henry VIII. (1933) and a year later a partin Douglas Fairbanks' The Private Life of Don Juan (1934) . In1934, 'Carl Laemmle Jr. ' brought her to Hollywood where she playedin more than 75 movies including Diamond Jim (1935) with'Edward Arnold (I)' , The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938) with 'Gary Cooper (I)' , and The Three Musketeers (1939) with 'Don Ameche' . In 1940, she married UCLA football star (andlater Columbia Studios producer) 'M.

J. Frankovich' . They moved toItaly after World War II where she made more films. She returned toHollywood in the 1960s, playing in TV series and as Sister Celestine inthe two 'Rosalind Russell (I)' "Angels" movies. Her last film was 40 Carats (1973) starring 'Liv Ullmann' and'Gene Kelly (I)' .

Her husband died in 1992; she died six yearslater, aged 95, at her home in Beverly Hills. She was survived by twosons and a daughter. .

There is some small facts about Binnie Barnes:
  • Before her screen debut in 1929, she worked as a nurse, chorus girl, dance hostess and vaudeville comedienne.
  • Made 26 comedy shorts with 'Stanley Lupino'
  • Mother of 'Mike Frankovich Jr.' (born 1942), 'Peter Frankovich' (born 1946) and Michelle Frankovich De Motte (born 1944). Aunt of 'Rayford Barnes' .
  • She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1501 Vine Street in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960.
  • Biography in: "American National Biography". Supplement 1, pp. 29-30. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
  • She and her husband are buried alongside 'Joe E. Brown' in his grave site at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.
  • Shares a large monument and grave site with 'Joe E. Brown' at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.
  • She played poker with Clark Gable at the studio and at the actor's home.
  • Roomed with Pat Paterson when both were struggling starlets in England.
  • When the Jewish Barnes converted to Catholicism, Loretta Young acted as her sponsor/godmother.
  • She played Fanny in the original London stage version of 'Noël Coward' 's play "Cavalcade", but was signed by Fox for a different role in the film adaptation. She sailed to New York on the Queen Mary and was taken to the Waldorf Towers. It was a stormy night, and when no one from the studio showed up to meet her, she sailed back to Britain the next day.
  • She sued Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures because he supposedly ordered her to be photographed in her garters behind a screen, but it was just a publicity stunt cooked up by Barnes and Cohn.
  • Had appeared with 'Cesar Romero (I)' in five films: Diamond Jim (1935) , Rendezvous (1935) , Always Goodbye (1938) , Wife, Husband and Friend (1939) and Frontier Marshal (1939) .
  • Had appeared with 'John Carradine' in four films: Gateway (1938) , The Three Musketeers (1939) , Frontier Marshal (1939) and Barbary Coast Gent (1944) .
  • Had appeared with 'Rosalind Russell (I)' in four films: Rendezvous (1935) , This Thing Called Love (1940) , The Trouble with Angels (1966) and Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! (1968) .
  • Had appeared with 'Merle Oberon' in four films: The Private Life of Henry VIII. (1933) , The Private Life of Don Juan (1934) , The Divorce of Lady X (1938) and 'Til We Meet Again (1940) .
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There is the list of movies, where Binnie Barnes was taked part:
1 Angels with Broken Wings movie Angels with Broken Wings 1941 as Sybil Barton
2 Broadway Melody of 1938 movie Broadway Melody of 1938 1937 as Caroline Whipple
3 Call Out the Marines movie Call Out the Marines 1942 as Violet 'Vi' Hall
4 I pirati di Capri movie I pirati di Capri 1949 as Queen Maria Carolina
5 Meet the Stars #6: Stars at Play movie Meet the Stars #6: Stars at Play 1941 as Herself
6 The Divorce of Lady X movie The Divorce of Lady X 1938 as Lady Claire Mere
7 The First Hundred Years movie The First Hundred Years 1938 as Claudia Weston
8 The Hour Before the Dawn movie The Hour Before the Dawn 1944 as May Heatherton
9 The Man from Down Under movie The Man from Down Under 1943 as Aggie Dawlins
10 The Three Musketeers movie The Three Musketeers 1939 as Milady De Winter
11 The Trouble with Angels movie The Trouble with Angels 1966 as Sister Celestine
12 Wife, Husband and Friend movie Wife, Husband and Friend 1939 as Cecil Carver
13 This Is Show Business movie This Is Show Business 1949 as Herself - Panelist
14 Til We Meet Again movie Til We Meet Again 1940 as Comtesse de Bresac
15 40 Carats movie 40 Carats 1973 as Maud Ericson
16 A Dream Comes True movie A Dream Comes True 1935 as Herself
17 Always Goodbye movie Always Goodbye 1938 as Harriet Martin
18 Barbary Coast Gent movie Barbary Coast Gent 1944 as Lil Damish
19 Breezing Home movie Breezing Home 1937 as Henrietta Fairfax
20 Counsels Opinion movie Counsels Opinion 1933 as Leslie
21 Day-Time Wife movie Day-Time Wife 1939 as Blanche
22 Decameron Nights movie Decameron Nights 1953 as Contessa di Firenze/Nerina the Chambermaid/The Old Witch
23 Diamond Jim movie Diamond Jim 1935 as Lillian Russell
24 Down Our Street movie Down Our Street 1932 as Tessie Bernstein
25 Dr. Josser, K.C. movie Dr. Josser, K.C. 1931 as Rosa Wopp
26 Forbidden Territory movie Forbidden Territory 1934 as Valerie Petrovna
27 Frontier Marshal movie Frontier Marshal 1939 as Jerry
28 Gateway movie Gateway 1938 as Mrs. Fay Sims
29 Getting Gerties Garter movie Getting Gerties Garter 1945 as Barbara
30 Gift of Gab movie Gift of Gab 1934 as Maid
31 Heads We Go movie Heads We Go 1933 as Lil Pickering
32 Herbie Day at Disneyland movie Herbie Day at Disneyland 1974 as Herself
33 Holiday movie Holiday 1938 as Mrs. Laura Cram
34 I Married an Angel movie I Married an Angel 1942 as Peggy
35 If Winter Comes movie If Winter Comes 1947 as Natalie Bagshaw
36 In Old California movie In Old California 1942 as Lacey Miller
37 Its in the Bag! movie Its in the Bag! 1945 as Eve Floogle
38 La Fiesta de Santa Barbara movie La Fiesta de Santa Barbara 1935 as Herself
39 La strada buia movie La strada buia 1950 as Esther Clementi
40 Legends of the West movie Legends of the West 1992 as Actress in 'Frontier Marshal
There is the list of some articles of Binnie Barnes:
  • "Films in Review" (USA), 1 May 1990, Vol. XLI, Iss. 5, pg. 10, by: James Bawden, "Binnie Barnes: An Interview"
The image of Gittel Enoyce Barnes (later called Gertrude Maude Barnes) was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Picturegoer" (UK), 14 December 1935
There is the list of some quotes of Binnie Barnes:
  • I'm no Sarah Bernhardt. One picture is just like another to me as long as I don't have to be a sweet woman.
  • [In a 1990 interview] Look at some TV series which masquerade as glamor and see how much they have fallen into cheapness and tawdriness. So you ask me if I miss the business. I have to say it just isn't there any more. I've made all the comebacks I intend to, thanks very much!
  • [on Robert Taylor when they co-starred in "There's Always Tomorrow"] A nice boy but bad teeth and rather simian features. He went back to MGM where they fixed his hairline and capped his teeth. The next I knew he was a big star in "Small Town Girl" and I was the featured player.
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