Brynn Baron

as Pregnant Female Officer in the movie Under Suspicion

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Real name is Joan-Carrol Hinson
There is some small facts about Brynn Baron:
  • Received a Dramalogue Award for Excellence in Ensemble Acting as Jody in "Quilter's" at the Gem Theatre/Grove Shakespeare Festival, O.C. "Sack Lunch" has won several awards including "Best Short" at the Tasty Shorts Film Festival, "Best Local Short" at the Columbia Gorge Film Festival and was recently honored at the SAG Foundation.
  • As a student at UCLA, Brynn worked on various projects with Tim Robbins ("Shawshank Redemption"), Randall Jahnson ("The Doors"), and Jim Herzfeld ("Meet The Parents"). She shared the stage with Jim Uhls ("Fight Club"), Richard Olivier (son of Lawrence Olivier), Dana Stevens ("City of Angels"), Anne Ramsay ("Mad About You") and Lee Arenberg ("Pirates of the Caribbean").
  • Brynn's first major project as a student in the theater department at U.T. Austin was to cast and direct a young Marcia Gay Hardin (who went on to win an Academy Award for "Pollack") in a one-act play by a young Joseph Skibell (award-winning novelist of "A Blessing on The Moon" "The English Disease" and "A Curable Romantic").
  • (October 2008) Portland, Oregon.
  • OMPA Oregon Actor Awards Nominee 2014 - "Best Actress".
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There is the list of movies, where Brynn Baron was taked part:
1 Under Suspicion movie Under Suspicion 1994 as Pregnant Female Officer
2 Brother Bear movie Brother Bear 2013 as Mother
3 Coffee, Table, Book movie Coffee, Table, Book 2013 as Cafe Owner
4 Fifth Annual movie Fifth Annual 2013 as Brynn
5 I Play with the Phrase Each Other movie I Play with the Phrase Each Other 2014 as Jake's Mom
6 Knock Knock movie Knock Knock 2008 as Nina
7 Projector movie Projector 2012 as Mother
8 Rage of Angels movie Rage of Angels 1983 as Donna, New Secretary
9 Sack Lunch movie Sack Lunch 2011 as Penelope
10 The Marla Hanson Story movie The Marla Hanson Story 1991 as Betty
11 The Monster Squad movie The Monster Squad 1987 as Pantry Girl/Vampire
12 Untraceable movie Untraceable 2008 as Mrs. Miller
13 Zilla and Zoe movie Zilla and Zoe 2016 as Aunt Marge
14 Infinite Issues movie Infinite Issues 2013 as Anita
15 Leverage movie Leverage 2008 as Judge
There is the list of some quotes of Brynn Baron:
  • At one point in my life, having gone to school with all these incredibly talented friends who stayed in L.A. and went on to make a name for themselves, I wondered if the train had somehow left the station without me. I had moved to Portland, Oregon to raise three great kids - which of course was more than enough by any standard of success - but it left a gaping hole in my creative life. Then a moment came one day when I realized, "Wait a minute - this is MY train! And I'm the conductor." Once that paradigm shift occurred, everything changed dramatically for me at that point, and I started to get work as an actor and a writer. Especially now, since Portland has become the indie filmmaker's paradise.
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