Lita Baron

as Herself - Dancer in the movie The Colgate Comedy Hour

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Real name is Isabel Beth Castro
Was born at 11 August 1923 in Almería, Spain . Died at 16 December 2015, Palm Springs, California, USA

Fiery, attractive Andalusian-born brunette singer, dancer and actress,in the U. S. from 1928. Using the stage name "Isabelita", she performedwith the 'Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra' and was spotlighted atthe Mocambo and Ciro's night clubs on the Sunset Strip.

There, she cameto the attention of up-and-coming movie star (and future husband)'Rory Calhoun (I)' and was quickly destined to be in pictures. Continuing to be billed as "Isabelita" in her first few films --invariably as south-of-the-border señoritas -- she mostly free-lancedfor the smaller studios like Republic, Monogram, RKO and PRC. In 1948,she adopted her mother's maiden name and called herself Lita Baron. Shehad exotic leads in a couple of Boy's Own Paper-type adventures (with'Johnny Sheffield' in Bomba on Panther Island (1949) andopposite 'Sabu (I)' in Savage Drums (1951) ). Latinoactresses were often typecast in westerns and Lita was no exception:she played a dance hall singer in The Broken Star (1956) , lookedfetching as a female gunslinger in the (otherwise) mediocre Jesse James' Women (1954) and guested several times in herhusband's hit CBS-Desilu series "The Texan" (1958) .

A memorableguest role was as Cuban bombshell Renita Perez, Ricky Ricardo'sex-dance partner, in a 1952 episode of "I Love Lucy" (1951) . Since her screen career had turned out to be somewhat desultory, Litacontinued to perform on the nightclub circuit (in L. A. and,occasionally, in Vegas). From 1949, she co-hosted "Latin Cruise" onKTLA local television, a pioneering weekly musical variety show whichshowcased Latin tunes.

In the 70's, she moderated a popular radioprogram, "Lunch with Lita", broadcast from Ingleside Inn in PalmSprings, featuring interviews with stars from her Hollywood past. Whenthat ended, she found a new vocation in real estate marketing. .

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There is the list of movies, where Lita Baron was taked part:
1 The Colgate Comedy Hour movie The Colgate Comedy Hour 1950 as Herself - Dancer
2 Bitter Heritage movie Bitter Heritage 1979 as La Madre
3 Bomba on Panther Island movie Bomba on Panther Island 1949 as Losana
4 Border Incident movie Border Incident 1949 as Rosita
5 Champagne for Two movie Champagne for Two 1947 as Lita Malone
6 Club Havana movie Club Havana 1945 as Isabelita
7 Compadece al delincuente movie Compadece al delincuente 1960 as flamenco dance couple
8 Don Ricardo Returns movie Don Ricardo Returns 1946 as Dorothea
9 High School Hero movie High School Hero 1946 as Chi-Chi
10 Inside Beverly Hills movie Inside Beverly Hills 1956 as Herself
11 Jesse James Women movie Jesse James Women 1954 as Delta
12 Jungle Jim movie Jungle Jim 1948 as Zia
13 Pan-Americana movie Pan-Americana 1945 as Lupita
14 Red Sundown movie Red Sundown 1956 as Maria
15 Samba-Mania movie Samba-Mania 1948 as Olivia
16 Savage Drums movie Savage Drums 1951 as Sari
17 Slightly Scandalous movie Slightly Scandalous 1946 as Lola
18 Thats My Baby! movie Thats My Baby! 1944 as Isabelita
19 Thats My Gal movie Thats My Gal 1947 as Isabelita
20 The Broken Star movie The Broken Star 1956 as Conchita Alvarado
21 The Gay Senorita movie The Gay Senorita 1945 as Chiquita
22 The Treasure of Pancho Villa movie The Treasure of Pancho Villa 1955 as Birdcage Flirt in Plaza
23 City Detective movie City Detective 1953 as Lita
24 Death Valley Days movie Death Valley Days 1952 as Danita
25 Erskine Johnsons Hollywood Reel movie Erskine Johnsons Hollywood Reel 1949 as Herself
26 Heres Hollywood movie Heres Hollywood 1960 as Herself
27 I Love Lucy movie I Love Lucy 1951 as Renita Perez
28 The Ed Wynn Show movie The Ed Wynn Show 1949 as Herself
29 The Texan movie The Texan 1958 as Dolores
30 This Is Your Life movie This Is Your Life 1952 as Herself
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